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Spizza Mercato at Capitol Piazza

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Pretty sure we all know Spizza, the casual Italian pizzeria by The Senso Group which serves freshly made thin crust pizzas and pastas. The latest addition at food haven Capitol Piazza is Spizza Mercato, a new concept with a gourmet retail section and a dedicated takeaway counter to provide for busy executives.
The retail market concept isn't new in Singapore but Spizza makes it easier for working professionals to get their quick lunch fix/ grocery shopping done with the selection of easy-to-grab food items e.g. 6" mini pizzas and panini sandwiches and packed meals; all of which are available for takeaway or can be pre-ordered via Spizza’s mobile application or website and then self-collected. 

An antipasto that i'll definitely order is the Burratina ($22) which features the milky and creamy cheese flown in from Italy, Parma ham and a side of rucola salad.
I loved both pastas that we had. The Green Spinach ‘TRIANGOLI’ stuffed with spinach and mushrooms in porcini and cream sauce ($14/18 for 7 or 10pcs) was way more flavorful and sensational that it sounds and this carnivore would gladly give up the other meat dishes for this vegetarian pasta. 
Create your own pasta dish for $20 by picking your favorite pasta, sauce and toppings. The Squid ink Taglierini reminded me a little of those chinese egg noodles (yee mian) which is slightly springy. It was great with the mixed seafood in tomato sauce. The seafood was fresh, briny and sweet and paired well with the sourish gravy. 
Gluten-free anything is something that i still don't get and i pity people who are gluten allergic #sorrynotsorry The gluten-free dough was flat like a cardboard and it tasted pretty much like that as well. Anyhow, if you're gluten allergic, you can get the gluten free option at Spizza. The above is the Donna Pizza ($23) which comes with tomato, mozzarella, artichokes, mushrooms, cooked ham, and olives. Perhaps it was the cardboard base, but i thought it was terribly in need of more sauce. 
You can also have any pizza made into the Gondola form (think of it as a calzone). This is perfect for any cheese lover since the dough can hold in way more cheese than the usual. Just look at that cheese to dough ratio! 
We had the Isabella Gondola ($25) with the fail proof Parma ham, mozzarella, and tomato combination. Again, i thought it was lacking some tangy tomato pasta to cut through that all that dough and cheese. 
As for desserts, go for the Tiramisu ($9.50), a firm but creamy mix of espresso soaked lady's fingers and mascarpone. The Panna Cotta ($8) was a little gelatinous for me but it's sufficiently decent. 
If you are a soda fan, i guess the Spizza ‘Fabbri’ Coolers ($6.80) will be great for you. While i don't enjoy syrups in my drinks, the Spizza Signature Cooler Mango & Passion fruit wasn't as artificial as i thought it would be (just ask them to go easy on the mango syrup). If you need a palate cleanser after your meal, the White Glacial Mint is a virgin Mojito with a strong methol flavor. 
For the home cooks, Spizza Mercato offers an extensive range of culinary items and ingredients used in their kitchen, such as pastas, flour and oils. Pre-packaged sauces and soups, cheeses and hams are also available for recreating that Italian meal at home. 

I would recommend the pastas at Spizza over their pizzas actually. I guess that's also kinda why Spizza hasn't been top of mind whenever i have a pizza craving. For a pizzeria, they certainly need to work on their core product.

13 Stamford Road #B2-52, Capitol Piazza 
Singapore 178905 
Daily: 10.30am - 10.30pm 

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