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Hai Tien Lo Chinese New Year Offering

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It's time to do some last minute snagging of tables for Chinese New Year reunion dinner! If you're lucky, you may still be able to dine at Hai Tien Lo, which has consistently been offering great menus for festive communal gatherings.
My favorite part of the Yu Sheng is always the crispy deep-fried cracker. Over at Hai Tien Lo, they have added an extra dimension to their Flourishing Wealth Yu Sheng with some deep fried salmon fish skin. If you, like me, have a pathological attraction to salted egg fish skin, you would definitely welcome this addition to the Yu Sheng. If not, you would still love tossing around the luxurious ingredients which include Boston lobster, Norwegian salmon and Pacific clams.
The Double-boiled Buddha Jumps Over the Wall with Maca and Wolfberry Soup was packed with indulgent ingredients like succulent abalone and dried scallop, and was hearty and nourishing.
The Steamed Sea Perch Fillet with Dried Scallops and Minced Garlic Crumbs was flaky, moist (exactly what you'd expect of a fatty fish), and the superior soya sauce with dried scallop complemented the light sweetness of the fish.
The Premium Wealth Treasure Pot pen-cai was not only a sight to behold, but pleasing to the palate as well. The sea cucumber was bouncy and not mushy; the abalone has absorbed the rich flavor of the stock; and the roast duck and pork belly were fork-tender.
No Chinese set dinner is complete without the obligatory carbohydrate dish, which is often given a miss by most people as they are likely to be completely stuffed by this point. Well, do not miss Hai Tien Lo's Stewed Inaniwa Udon with Seafood and Truffles though! The surprisingly lightweight udon swims in a thickened broth spiked with the earthy aroma of truffles, and smoky bonito flakes.
For a sweet ending to the meal, and an auspicious start to the year, enjoy the Eight Treasures Tea with Snow Swallow. Light, and not cloying, this is definitely a great way to end your reunion dinner. You may be surprised, but the slivers of transparent goodness are actually from a plant source instead. 

Hai Tien Lo has managed to maintain her consistency in cooking and taste through the years, and is certainly somewhere I would be looking forward to having my reunion dinner at! If you are unable to get a table, you could still consider taking away their Yu Sheng or the Pen-cais. 


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