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Yàn at National Gallery Chinese New Year

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My most hated Chinese New Year activity is house visiting (because family tradition is that we must visit everybardee -eye-roll-). All that productive time wasted in front of the tv with lousy shows from yesteryears going on loop and mindless snacking on junk because there's nothing to do. Solution- take everyone out to the Yàn at National Gallery and have some refined nosh before you explore the exhibitions (or lose your relatives in the museum), or drown those awkward conversations at Smoke and Mirrors.
Expect traditional Cantonese cuisine prepared by Master Chef Chan Kung Lai. The reunion menus range from $118 to $268/pax.
Skip the usual Salmon Lo Hei and toss up some crunchy bits in the Signature Yellowtail Fish Yu Sheng with Golden Flake in Shun De Style. I'm old school when it comes to yu sheng, and I prefer a refreshing and crunchy Chinese tossed salad, rather than a plate of fried vermicelli. But i found myself enjoying this savory yu sheng that is drizzled with Yàn’s homemade soya sauce and peanut oil. Trust me it was hard to stop at one serving. Think of it as an appetizer instead of a yu sheng though. Guests also have the option to add on cubes of crispy lobster fillet for an additional price. 
What's CNY without some 烧腊? The Signature Roasted Suckling Pig comes highly recommended. Love that crispy crackling open face sandwich on mantou pancake. 
The rest of the meat are served two ways- Carved Shoulder meat and Oven-baked Fillet with Lemongrass. The tender and juicy piglet could feed 8-10 pax (we had to pack some home).
The Duet Style Roasted & Szechuan ‘Bon Bon’ Chicken is one of the two chicken dishes created for the Year of the Rooster and it features a full spring chicken served in 2 ways- half of it is shredded and coated with traditional homemade Si Chuan Ma La spice, and the other half aromatically roasted. Bon Bon Chicken, otherwise known as 棒棒鸡, is pounded using a stick or hammer to tenderize it hence the 棒(stick). The meat was obviously texture and the faint hint of 麻辣 added some spice to the typically boring protein. 
The Braised 2 Head Abalone with Wild Mushroom & Sea Moss with Superior Oyster Sauce was faultless. Each piece cuts like butter. Needless to say it was polished off our plates. 
The meal concluded with carbs (i still don't get why).  For something less filling, have the Wok-Fried “Mee Sua” with Shrimps, Honey-Glazed Pork and Mixed Capsicum. The noodles were springy just the way they should be. 
Desserts are a scene-stealer too, such as the popular Chilled Mango Cream topped with Vanilla Ice Cream & Oats served in Coconut with a special treat of pan-fried sweet rice cake just for the festive season. The mango cream dessert was a tad too icy (like a sorbet) for us but we enjoyed the cereal flavor from the oats. 
Other popular dishes that will be making a return this year includes Yàn’s Harvest Pen Cai, available for both dine-in and takeaway. The 20-ingredient treasure pot showcases premium ingredients such as 4-head abalone, sea cucumber, sliced sea perch fillet and whole conpoy. Other dishes include the juicy and aromatic Danggui Roast Duck and succulent Baked Half Lobster with Superior Stock.

Yàn’s Chinese New Year menus are available for both lunch and dinner from till 11 February 2017. 

1 St Andrew's Road #05-02 Singapore 178957 
National Gallery
Daily: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 6 - 10.30pm

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