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Esquina Spanish Tapas and Restaurant

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One of our favorite Spanish tapas restaurant has turned 5! Esquina is celebrating their 5th anniversary with some special chef collaborations lined up this year, and they have kick-started the celebrations with a special 5th Anniversary Tasting MenuThe 5-course menu showcases signature dishes from the restaurant’s a la carte menu for a complete journey through Esquina’s cuisine in one meal. Priced at $55, the menu will be available for lunch (Tue to Thu) and dinner (Mon to Thu), available till until 31 January 2017. 
We started with the Tsarskaya Oyster with jalapeño ponzu, salmon roe, and pickled ginger flower. The creamy pearly oyster contrasted with the sour and salty elements to provide a refreshing start to the meal.
The Spanish Nigiri is a must order at Esquina. The presentation, and the texture of the roasted bell peppers may fool you into thinking it's sashimi! We were blown away with the smokiness of the peppers and that creamy and lightly salted bacalao brandade.
I wished I had an entire basket of the golden Chorizo Croqueta with Piquillo Mayo instead of one precious bite. The breaded crust breaks away quickly to ooze a creamy milky blend peppered with salty chorizo chunks. The lightly spiced mayo helps to cut any monotony of the fried ball. 
Who knew that a Grilled Baby Succrine Lettuce could taste so good! The simply grilled lettuce is given the TLC with herb yogurt (hints of basil mint) and a fruity cider vinegar glaze. The buttery toasted macademia nuts provided an added crunch too. 
A modern day surf and turf is the Grilled Spanish Octopus. Light char, meat that cuts like butter, and the touch of bacon oil.. Too dayum good. spiciness. 
We ended the savory dishes with a rich Braised Beef & Pork Cannelloini with foie gras, cèpes béchamel, and a sliver of black truffle. Our only complain? Could we have another roll please?
For sweets, go bananas over the BBC textures of banana, beer ice cream and warm caramel sauce. Love the light bitterness from the beer and banana which is balanced by the cream and caramel. 
The Bread, with chocolate, olive oil, and sea salt is an adult take on the traditional Spanish chocolate sandwich that mum makes. Honestly I don't think we would mind having a slab of chocolate sandwiched between slices of bread but this one was yums.  

If you missed the anniversary menu, be glad to know that there'll be a series of four-hands dinners featuring chef personalities alongside Esquina’s Head Chef, Carlos Montobbio. The ones coming up from March to end April would be with Sun Kim of MetaDiego Jacquet of BoCHINche and ZOILO; and Julien Royer of Odette. Bookings open one month in advance. 

Wait no more. Head on over to Esquina now.

16 Jiak Chuan Rd Singapore 089267
Tel: +65 6222 1616 

Tue - Fri: 12 - 2.30pm
Mon - Sat: 6 - 10.30pm

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