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Contemporary Sichuan updated at Birds of a Feather

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Birds of a Feather, one of my favorite restaurant, has added new items to their awesome menu and they have also started their weekend brunch! WHEEEEE! Seriously guys, if you haven't tried their contemporary Western-Sichuan offering, you really should go now. Check out my earlier food review of Birds of a Feather here
While the first launch menu stuck with the more known flavors of Ma (numbing) and La (spicy), the have now introduced more complex sichuan flavors into the dishes! 
Starting with the small plates, how about a chilled Pig Ear Mosaic ($18)? I don't eat pig ears but these braised pig ears served cold with Sichuan red and sour dressing, and arrowroot noodles were pretty tasty, that's if you get past the squeamishness of the ears. My favorite was the chewy cold noodles with the numbing spice (ma la) sauce. 
One of my favorite Sichuan flavors is the salty garlic sauce. The Baby Octopus with Classic Sichuan Garlic Sauce ($18). Instead of the usual sliced pork which may be dryish, a blanched baby octopus is used instead. It's a good cold dish to start with and i loved the crunch from the black fungus.
Next up, some beer snacks! Kawa Ebi Swim in the Chilis is the alternative to the regular 辣子鸡 that is offered at Birds. I preferred the kawa ebi to the chicken as you get bursts of sweetness from the river shrimps. Plus you cannot go wrong with this spice mix of pepper, dried chili, garlic, leek and dou ban jiang (fermented bean paste). 
I had to stop myself from polishing all the Crispy Chicken Winglets ($16) served with garlic shoots. Love the ginger, spring onion, and garlic-soy marinate used to give marinate the chicken. The secret weapon has to be the ginger that is used in the marinate, which reminded me of a Cantonese dimsum dish (paper wrapped chicken).
Love your salmon? You can have it European, and Japanese/Sichuan style. The Salmon 2 ways ($23) consists some house-cured Gravlax salmon with crispy Japanese sweet potato chips, sweetened with some lychees, and roasted bell pepper coulis; and a Japanese style tartare with konbu, lemon juice, and yuzu, plus a hint of Sichuan pepper.
My favorite main dish was the Xiang Su Duck ($30). The duck is marinated using a traditional Tian Mian liquid made with aged orange peel, old ginger, garlic, leek, cinnamon, star anise and bay leaves. Then it's cooked sous-vide in the jus, Hoi Sin sauce, and honey. The result is a super tender piece of braised meat, with another slice done confit style.. SO DAMN GOOD.  
To balance the "heatiness" of the dish, a cup of white ginger and pear tea is served on the side.
If the above isn't good news enough, well, the best thing i've heard this month is that Birds of a Feather has introduced a weekend brunch menu! But first. COFFEE. 
Have a brunchy Big Bird 1st ($25) with all your favorite brunch food like English muffin, poached eggs, bacon, smoked chicken cheese sausage. The difference is in the mala hollandaise. While it will fill you up, it doesn't match up to the other interesting dishes.
Go for the Bird's Skillet ($23), a gypsy eggs dish cooked in a tart house-made tomato sauce and Sichuan pickled chili. Expect a distinct sharpness to the sauce, balanced by the creaminess of Camembert and cheddar. For protein, there are generous chunks of spicy chorizo and bacon. Seriously this is the real deal. Does not come with bread, but they really should provide that.  
Another must order at brunch is the 'Hong Shao' Beef Ragout Orecchiette ($26). That braised beef short rib is marinated with a dou ban jiang, chili, salt and spices for 3 to 4 hours and then braised in the same marinate for another 3 to 4 hours. The result? Delicious. Create some egg porn and mix that lush yolk into the sauce and Parmesan foam. 
Now desserts! Check out the pretty MonoTone ($15). The fragrant sesame is presented in different forms and textures to provide different dimension to the core ingredient. Black sesame coulis and coral sponge, white sesame parfait and oil powder, sesame sable, bound by a light coconut mousse. My favorite was the crunchy sable made of classic Breton pastry. 
Be caffeinated with the GWC (GoodWoodCoffee) Coffee Dessert ($15). Coffee from GWC is used here to make the salted coffee soil, and coffee brownies. A touch of espresso melts the house made candy floss. Tahitian Vanilla Chantilly. Intense coffee flavor to perk you up!
The Fried Glutinous Rice Cake ($12) is now more fiery with a new spicy soy seasoning. On the top, we have pistachio sand, red sugar caramel and pomegranate. 
A dessert that i really enjoy at Birds is the Poached Pear ($12). Slight change to this using a 'lao zao' (fermented rice) granite and a fragrant osmanthus konnyaku jelly. It's a drier cheng tng now!

Conclusion, more reasons to go back to Birds of a Feather! Lunch one day, dinner one night, and brunch on the weekends. 

Birds of a Feather
115 Amoy Street, Singapore 069935
(between Employees Only and Bochinche)

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