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Hipster Szechuan at Birds of a Feather

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Birds of a feather, flock together. Any foodie  gathering would be made more enjoyable with good food and rejuvenating ambience at Birds of a Feather, a newly opened cafe and bar at Amoy Street
The all-day-dining cafe and bar offers a contemporary Western cuisine with a pronounced Szechuan influence. Hipster Szechuan i say! In the day, Birds of a Feather is an elegant Chinese tea house filled with light coming in through the air-well; In the night, it turns into a cozy speakeasy type of restaurant-bar. 
The Crispy Pork Trotter in a Bag (5pcs for $12) is gonna be my standard order at Birds of a Feather. Shake the crispy meat with savory Szechuan spices a la shaker fries style before you take a bite. The meat may look tough and dry on the outside, but you'll realize it's anything but that once you take a bite. I simply can't stop thinking about that cracker-like skin.. 
The Fortune Skewers in Szechuan Pepper Broth ($19, +5 for Japanese arrowroot noodles) may look like a harmless pot of oden but be careful when you take a sip as the silent spice may creep up on you. I liked how this is light tasting but flavorful and you also get that numbing (ma la) sensation as you get through the sticks.
Another crunchy snack to have is the Chicken in the Chilies ($16) but it pales in comparison to the spicy trotters.
Need to reduce the heat? Well i chose to put out that fire with some Hot Yuzu Tea ($16), which is actually a cocktail! I'm pleased to report that there's a variety of cocktails, spirits, and wines to accompany the fiery dishes.
For lunch, tuck into a light Roasted Chicken & Avocado Salad with Szechuan Pepper; tantalizing and hearty Grilled Cheese Panini with Szechuan braised pork belly and pickled cabbage and fried potatoes; or a satisfying Birds Signature Burger of charcoal grilled beef patty, foie gras, cheddar, carmelized onion, with a chili soy tapenade inspired by Szechuan Dou Pan Jiang 豆瓣酱!

On the dinner menu, an interesting item is the Hot & Sour Chazuke ($28), a comforting rice-soup comprising Niigata rice and  a spicy pickled mustard green broth, charcoal-grilled barramundi and mentaiko. It's like a refined version of a home cooked steamed fish dish. It's definitely perfect for a cold night or when you're in need of some familiar comfort. 
Oriental Bolognaise ($20, or $22 with spice) is another of my favorite. I found it hard to resist the saucy angel hair pasta tossed with saucy pork ragout, and thickened with an onsen tamago. Go for spice for sure, it really isn't that spicy. I loved how the thin noodles pick up the minced meat in the their web. 
Skip the Tofu Burger with MAPO Meat Sauce ($22). I found the breaded tofu cheese patty to be crumbly and bland and the MAPO pork ragout was so mild it went undetected by my tastebuds. More sauce and punch are needed in this one.
For desserts, how about a Deep fried Glutinous Rice Cake ($12) with Okinawan black sugar syrup and kinako (roasted whole soy flour)? This is like a fried version of warabi mochi with a crispy exterior and a slightly chewy center. 
I preferred the Poached Pear ($12) with citrus, ginger, longan, snow fungus, and orange caramel ice cream. Flavorwise, it's exactly like cheng teng, with a pronounced burst of orange peel. Very refreshing!
Birds of a Feather has an interesting and strong dining concept that I enjoyed very much. I'm excited to give their breakfast a shot next time, given the excellent shot of Feather's Coffee ($7.50) that i tasted (made from a blend of Brazil, Guatemala and Sumatra beans). This comes topped with a torched meringue which may be a tad sweet for seasoned coffee drinkers. Fret now, they also have regular specialty coffee here, all with double shots of espresso (YAASSS).  Single original coffee and manual brew methods are available too!
Could we ask for a better review to end the year? XOXO

Birds of A Feather
115 Amoy Street, Singapore 069935
(between Employees Only and Bochinche)

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