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Brawn and Brains

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Here's another unassuming petite cafe that I'm in love with and it's tucked in a corner of the Old Badminton Hall near Old Airport Road. Introducing hipster yogi hangout, Brawn &Brains! This hole in the wall is just around the corner for the super mod Yoga Inc. and right next to some rock climbing gym. They're so cool they don't know why they're even cool and that's totally cool, geddit?

It's a really small spot that seats probably only about 15 pax so be prepared to wait for a bit for a seat.

I was immediately drawn to the colorful display of cakes and drinks on the counter. My heart was racing as i tried to decide on what i wanted to savor after a terribly disappointing brunch at another cafe somewhere in Little India (thou shalt not be named but actually i can't remember the name anymore). 
Nothing is more mood lifting that a good cup of latte. Brawn and Brains uses single origin Brazilian beans but they also have other beans. There were plans to do their own roasting but i'm not sure how that panned out. 
I had the Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee. Tarrazu supposedly produces the most desirable coffee bean in Costa Rica. Tasting notes were chocolatey and nutty with a mild acidity smooth. Great coffee for only $3.50 a shot? Yes you have my heart and tummy!

Earl grey tea cake was a little on the dry side. I'm not sure if tea cakes are meant to be like that but it released a light perfume when toasted/heated.
The carrot cake and chocolate cake looked damn amazeballs. Certainly moist and rich tasting. Couple next to us were going on about the chocolate cake. Prices are reasonable too, i don't think they're more than $5.50?
On another occasion, i had the Orange Vanila and Flaxseeds Tea Cake ($3.50) which was a lot more moist than the Earl Grey and the vanila perfume with the light citrus was simply amazing. The chocolate croissant was also very buttery and flaky and the rich chocolate coat was melt in my mouth deliciousness.

Brawn & Brains also does sandwiches in their really small/ non existent kitchen by the counter. Make sure you get your hands on one of those (be prepared to wait for 15-20mins). Sandwiches are about $7 which imo is really cheap even though it's on the petite size. I'd certainly go for the Grilled Bacon open-faced sandwich which is served with a single molten egg. You can never go wrong with that option! 

S had the pressed Panini with pepperoni and cheese and had some spice in it (maybe paprika). It may look really simple but the flavors were robust from the thin spread of tangy tomato puree, cured meat and melty cheese. Essentially, it's a pizza panini. :) Met fellow yogi friend Ruth at the cafe and she highly recommended the Mushroom and Cheese panini. Next time!

So yea, Brawn & Brains is added to my favorites list for a quick bite. They're practically faultless. Well maybe just feed me faster? :)

Brawn and Brains
100 Guillemard Road #01-07 Singapore 399718.
Tel: +65 6348 8892.
Weekdays: 9am - 7.30pm
Weekends: 9.30am - 7.30pm
Closed Mon

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