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Buffet at Edge, Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel

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Edge at Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore has introduced A Long Long Lunch, a new four-hour massive buffet that brings you from lunch to afternoon tea in 1 sitting. As i stepped into the brightly lit restaurant on Saturday, i wondered how many of the diners can actually last the whole 4h. Well, apparently a lot of them. As for me, i gave myself a 1.5h limit so that i could make it to my next yoga class. 

The emphasis at the A Long Long Lunch is more on well-known hawker favorites and features many local favorites such as Homemade Laksa, Bak Kut Teh, Nasi Lemak, Fried Carrot Cake and Satay.
I was impressed with the Prawn noodle broth (apparently Penang style) which was rich and savory with garlic, spice and crustacean. The prawns were huge (sorry they took a dive) and crunchy. Yums! The Penang kway teow was sadly dry and nowhere as good as the ones i had in Penang. 
Grab a few sticks of satay that are grilled on the spot. This was smoky and flavorful. The style is more chinese and they even have pineapple puree to go with the lighter peanut sauce. The Nasi Lemak was also very fragrant and the grains were perfectly fluffy.
The popiah was also a favorite at our table. The garlic chili really packs a punch.
I also loved the homemade Dim Sum which you can grab at the counter. It's made fresh as well and is as tasty as the ones offered at Hai Tien Lo (read review here)! The roast duck was tasty too!

International cuisines are available as well and you shouldn't miss the Italian section.
The freshly made thin crust pizzas were amazing and certainly comparable to the pizza specialty stores in Singapore.
Great quiches with a good filling to puff ratio. The creamy lamb bolognese was good on its own but even better in the layered puff pastry. Grab a fried salmon croquette from the western section too!

Other cuisines include Japanese, Thai, Indian etc. There's even a Thai deep fried banana station where you can get fresh pisangs!
The desserts selection was extensive in the local department. 
Kaya Toast, Portuguese Egg Tarts (yums!), Ice Kachang, Mango Pomelo Short Cake and a selection of Durian-based desserts. I'm not much of a fan though because the durian puffs filling was more pudding than durian puree. The Durian Pengat was also rather diluted and lack in flavors. Durian fudge cake and Mango Pomelo Short cake were just so so.
If anything, i'd save my space for all the Kueh Lapis. It's dense and fragrant and certainly calories packed but it's worth every bite.

Made to order waffles are also available and i had it with the creamy vanila ice cream. Of course i added a ton of other spreads like peanut butter, nutella and some berries. 
Wash it all down with some sweeeeet teh terik or some sugar cane or fruit juice if you fancy.
Got a little distracted with the set up for the Sunday Champagne Brunch at Edge. That would be truly decadent!

A Long Long Lunch is available at Edge from 12 - 4pm every Saturday and costs $50nett per adult, inclusive of unlimited local beverage, coffee and tea; $25nett per child (below 12 years old) inclusive of unlimited local beverages.

Level 3, Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel 
7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039595
Tel: +65 6826 8240

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  1. Wow, the last time I ate satay was in a hotel in New York. How are the prices there? Is it cheap? I really want to go to Singapore, but money is never enough :(

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