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Brunch at Drury Lane

By Sunday, May 25, 2014 , , , , ,

Slowly checking items off my cafe list and this one is Drury Lane at Tanjong Pagar Road
Do not be deceived by the crowded 1st level, i was deterred once but decided head on back to check them out. The cafe spans 2 storeys so head on upstairs to escape the oily food smells as cooking and brewing are all done in that little space. Oh but do note that you gotta come down to place your orders still. 
It was a terribly hot day and we headed up to level 2 as W had already gotten us a reservation. I was hoping for a cool reprieve from the crazy heat but there was none. The AC was super weak and hardly cooled the heated 2nd storey of the shophouse. It was obvious that they have issues with the power rating as well because we had 2 blackouts in the short span of an hour.
and there i have a model (no i don't know him)
Well brunch was meant to be a birthday gathering for Cliff and i felt so bad for suggesting Drury at that point. It was also impossible to hear each other because the acoustics were terrible. Throw in 20 other people and it's just deafening. Not a good place for a date certainly.

So i had the Iced Mocha because it was simply too hot to have a hot drink. The drink was pretty good imo with melted chocolate instead of bottled syrup and it didn't overpower the mellow coffee. 
We had one of the specials which is the Garlic toast with sausage patties, sauteed mushrooms, spinach and truffle scrambled eggs ($18). This was the best savory dish out of the lot due to the garlic spread i guess. Scrambled eggs were too runny in my opinion and that sausage patty was just a joke with its bland flavor and dry nature. Eeks. For $18, it's not quite worth it. I've just had the pulled duck with apricot croissant at Symmetry and it was way better than this at the same price.
The sandwiches are at least decently priced at about $8 ish. The Steak and Cheese Sandwich was supposed to be awesome but they didn't have that when we visited. The Smoked Salmon and Mushroom alternative were just alright.
DO NOT EAT the Sausage Baked Eggs ($12) with spinach, homemade baked beans and cheese. We saw that familiar cardboardish sausage patty. Well this pot of food is terribly bland and pedestrian. I'm sure i make better stuff than this. I thought the baked beans were more canned than homemade though.  
Maybe try the Cloud 9.4 which is bacon infused pancakes with honey if you please.

Well, would i go back to Drury Lane? Not for the food certainly. But the desserts were quite divine. Not to sure about the 'Pay as you wish' muffins but the Banana Bread with Espresso Butter ($2.50) had W and i takeaway a portion each.
The moist bread with chunks of banana was naturally sweetened and i'm glad they didn't add more sugar. The espresso butter wasn't that good because it was oily (not the good kinda butter way) and lacked espresso flavor.
The Carrot cake was also one of the best i've had as well. It's of medium density but very well flavored with spice. We liked that there wasn't too much cream cheese because they didn't ice the sides but those between the layers were just sufficient for the added flavors and moisture.

Verdict of Drury Lane- I may drop by again for the sweets and a quick drink but certainly not for the food.

Drury Lane
94 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088515
+65 62226698
Weekdays: 8.30am - 9pm
Weekends: 10am - 6pm

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