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Event: Gryphon Tea Grand Cru Collection

By Saturday, July 14, 2012 ,

Media Invite
I guess people must have picked up on my love for caffeine and my afternoon tea indulgence. Well Gryphon Tea Company sure did! Was invited by FoodNews to learn more about the Gryphon Tea and FIJI Water partnership on their new Grand Cru Collection. Fine tasting tea and fine tasting water? Count me in.
The collaboration doesn't come as a surprise to me. The quality of water as essential in brewing a good pot of tea as are the leaves, which have to be fresh and of high quality.“The leaves need to be brewed with water that enhances and not overpowers the delicacies of its natural flavour. FIJI Water, with its clean taste and finish is the perfect water for tea brewing,” says Lim Tian Wee, founder of Gryphon Tea Company.
The Grand Cru Collection includes 10 new single origin tea harvested from the world's best tea regions i.e. China, Japan, and India. The collection is for sophisticated and worldly tea connoisseurs and novices alike. If you would like to learn more about the different teas, get the collector's set (S$390 excluding GST) which consists of 36 different teas in 15g tins. Each section has a short descriptor on the flavor of the tea housed in the sleek tin above it. The box makes a good jewelry case too, as suggested by Tian Wee:)  
The session was held at the Gaggenau Showroom, which was elegant and comfortable. It was almost like fine dining but the main courses were water and tea. This has got to be the healthiest tasting i've attended to date. We started with a water tasting conducted by Ava, representative of FIJI Water and we compared FIJI to spring and distilled water. 

I've always loved FIJI Water for a reason unknown to me till the tasting itself. It's not just the iconic square bottle that appeals to me (Women...), it's really the taste and mouthfeel of the water. The texture is soft and easy on the throat and the balanced mineral content and pH value gives it a light sweetness that isn't overpowering.
Next, Tea master/blender and Director of Gryphon Tea Company, Tian Wee, led us through an insightful lesson on tea appreciation. This is one really humble guy who is passionate about tea making, brewing and drinking. Tian Wee is constantly trying to find out about people's perception of the taste of the tea as everyone will notice different notes in the flavor. He is always on the look out for interesting flavors and blends which he develops based on his travels and experiences, with the latest being the Black Forest Blend created for Gaggenau.
We tried 5 teas from the Grand Cru Collection- Silver Needle (China White tea), Gyokuro Pearl Dew (Japan Green tea), Dan Cong Magnolia (China Oolong tea), Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope 2nd Flush (India Black tea) and Vintage Pu'Erh (China Black tea).
There are several steps to go about appreciating the tea. Things to note would be the appearance of the dried leaves, the scent of the brewed tea leave, as well as colour and and taste of the liquor.
Love the lightness in the Silver Needle White tea. I think i'm in the White tea phase right now. Gryphon tea could be enjoyed at many cafes and the Grand Cru collection could be savoured in true opulence at The Knolls, Capella Singapore (had tea there once, read about it here).
Thanks again to Gryphon Tea Company and FIJI Water for inviting me to the tasting!

Note: All views expressed are personal opinions of the writer and objective in the sense that she's not influenced by anyone. What's the point in writing in something that i do not believe in right? If i think something sucks, i would definitely voice it. So be cool about it people.

Gryphon Tea Company
Gryphon Tea Company will provide a personal doorstep delivery service to each client for an exclusive period. Prices range from S$38 for White Peony tea to S$78 for a Iron Goddess of Mercy tea. Each tin holds 40-80g of premium quality single terroir loose leaf teas.
Tel: +65 6779 2948 (for orders)

FIJI Water
FIJI Water is now available in 4 sizes in leading supermarkets and selected convenience stores: 1500ml (suggested retail price - S$3.50), 1000ml (suggested retail price - S$3.00), 500ml (suggested retail price - S$1.60), 330ml (suggested retail price S$1.25).

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