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Hippie Bar Review: Colbar

By Friday, July 27, 2012 , ,

To escape the crowd and enjoy an ice cold beer (or cider for me) the laid back way, without too many of the CBD worker bees or the local coffeeshop flock, I would head to Colbar at Wessex Estate, an up and coming dining estate. This is probably the most laid back hippie bar, old school Colonial style, in Singapore.
Colbar, or Colonial Bar as it is officially known, was the canteen and unofficial mess for the old British army troops while it was still at Jalan Hang Jebat. The whole bar was literally dismantled part-by-part, and all the tiles, timber screens and swing doors were used for the reconstruction of the new Colbar. I'm glad they did all they could to preserve this bit of history. 
Simple and old furnishing- Formica tabletops, mini pale green tiles, faded old photographs on frames. Love the air of nostalgia and days long gone. I wish i could travel back in time..
Basic Western and Asian fare is served here. The cooking isn’t great but really, who goes to a bar for food? The highlight here is the impossible selection of imported beers and ciders (mostly English and Irish). Beer lovers rejoice! I saw my favorite Brothers Toffee Apple Cider here. Oh yea.
The outdoor area is very open and i love how it's surrounded by an oasis of green. Listen to the birds and crickets sing in the background and occasional tune from the arty group next table (highly possible considering the crowd) while enjoying your happy juice. Cheers! You deserve it. ;)

Wessex Estate
9A Whitchurch Road, Singapore 138839
Tue-Sun: 11am - 8.30pm

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  1. Aren't there lots of mozzies at Colbar though? I was once there, my first and only time, and got bitten like crazy.

    1. I dont remember getting bitten though? Maybe my blood isn't sweet enough. :)

  2. I agreed that it was loaded with mozzies!!! Also find the food way too overrated & pricey.

    1. Maybe a better time to go is in the afternoon. Didn't try the food but a friend mentioned that the curry chicken is good.

  3. Hello, may I know if it's possible to get permission to use your image of Colbar's interior in I-S Magazine? Thank you:)-Rong En,Editorial Intern

    1. Hi, please email me at for further discussion.