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Fashion: YSL Arty Ring

By Thursday, July 19, 2012

Every girl should own a Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ring, or at least any one with a great fashion sense and appreciation for the finer things in life. Just like how we love little jewelry pieces that come in baby blue boxes, the YSL Arty ring has attained the same IT status in a short span of time.
The classic ring is the Arty Oval, a glass cabochon stone set on the bright golden, organically textured band. Even without a logo, the ring is easily distinguished by those with a good eye in fashion (or not). The authentic ones would have an embossed YSL logo at the back of the stone.

The ring is expensive enough to be considered a luxury item, but not so expensive it breaks the bank. It's currently retailing in Singapore for S$400 and the price is set to go higher according to the SA. It was only going for S$285 2 years back? Grr.
There is a variety of colours, shapes and materials for the rings. These were what greeted me when i 'randomly' stepped into the Ion Orchard YSL store for browsing. Of course.. you know what happened next.
My very first Blue Arty Ring. Got chided by S for randomly buying things again, especially after losing my diamond ring. :/ Of course he did agree that the ring is pretty. I was really lucky to get this in Size 4 (their smallest size) and in the colour that i wanted (they only had 1 size 4 ring). Whee! It's still a little loose for my fattest finger but it'll do. :)) I love how it's so bling and opulent.  
Ta da! I just want to get them all. The other 2 rings belong to Stupidgirl, who was persuaded to buy another one with me. The power of persuasion. Haha. I'm such the good marketer. ;) The ring also retails on for 158GBP. I think it's about the same price after you factor in shipping. It's also available at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave etc. Now, go grab yourself one. We all deserve a little pampering sometimes. I'm already looking forward to my next one.


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  1. u know where i can get this ring?i checked ion orchard no longer carry this ring..sad..

    1. The stones change all the time. My advice is to get whatever that you like at the moment because once it's gone, it's never coming back. Good luck with finding one u like. :)

    2. I read from bagaholicboy's blog that YSL Arty rings will be discontinued soon, last collection will be out around June.