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Third Wave Coffee: Loysels Toy

By Saturday, July 07, 2012 , , , ,

Loysel's Toy has been around for a while now and i visited the place quite some time ago actually. I haven't gotten down to writing because i don't like writing about bad food and that was what i felt about Loysel's- a huge disappointment despite all that hype when it first started. 
The out of the way location is typical of most specialty coffee joints in Singapore. Kith, Toby's Estate, Broers, FortyHands etc. I like that these cafes are a little out of the way. I like the quaintness of it all and i also like that it deters most lazy people as well (for my own selfish reasons). BUT, in my honest opinion, there's no way i'm going to be back there again. It's not worth the ride over.
We took a seat outdoors because the interior hardly has any breathing space. It's a nightmare if you are claustrophobic and the same even if you aren't. The outdoor seats are fine provided weather conditions are ideal i.e. cool air, low humidity, light breeze, rays broken by scattered clouds. In other words, you got to be darn lucky. If not, be prepared to face the SG tropical heatwave and a potential meltdown (make up or what not).
I'm ok with the limited food selection actually. Saves me the trouble of deciding what to order. Usual breakfast items are available e.g. Pancakes with strawberries and honey mascarpone (S$10), sides like bacon are available at an additional cost. They also have quiches (S$7).

Items from the bakery looked more promising than what was available on the menu. Check out the muffins, cakes, tarts and pastries at the counter. The pastries looked glossy and i noted that the croissants have a nice height to them.
I had the Big L's Breakfast (S$15)- Scrambled or poached eggs, sauteed mushrooms, garlic pork sausage and grilled tomato with toast. This was really bad, and i already lowered my expectations for something that costs 15bucks. My first reaction was that Coffee Bean does a better breakfast than Loysel's. The eggs were dry and bland. Sausages were no better with the cardboard-like texture. The toast was stale as well.

S had the fruit salad with yogurt which i felt was pitiful. It was a little plate with some pieces of chopped up fruits, which weren't even exotic! Also, they didn't look fresh to me as well. Seems like they've been cut and refrigerated for some time. And that costs 10 bucks? Seriously??
The Iced Mocha (S$6) was very diluted. Good mocha wouldn't be served using chocolate syrup. I'm ok with the regular syrup sort but i do expect better from Loysel's since they are serving Papa Pahleta's coffee.

Verdict: Not recommended. I'm never coming back. The regular coffee chains are better than this. I think what LT needs to do is to simply focus on the coffee and outsource their food items. Or perhaps change the cook.

Food: 2/5 Not giving it a 1 because i didn't try a lot of items but i definitely won't review it again
Service: 2/5 Slow service. Not very friendly as well.
Atmosphere: 2/5 Not comfortable. I might sit at the void deck and drink coffee from the kopitiam.

Loysel's Toy
66 Kampong Bugis, #01-02 
Ture / Sam Tat Warehouse, Singapore
Tue–Fri: 9am – 6pm
Sat–Sun: 9am – 7.30pm
(Closed on Mon)

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  1. So jialet? From the photo along, the Big L's Breakfast looks delish!

    1. I think my superb photography skills and camera made it looked better than it was? Haha. Kidding. Anyway scrambled eggs are supposed to be creamy and this was more like fried egg. Coffee bean really has better big brekkie than this one.

  2. if you don't use chocolate syrup in ice mocha, then what do you use?

    1. Good cafes would use quality melted chocolate. I'm ok with syrup but i was expecting more from Loysel's since they are opened by Papa Pahleta? It's just the same as hot chocolate. Most cafes do the cocoa powder in milk thing when it should be real chocolate instead.

  3. You go to a coffee joint, order a fruit salad and complain about the price. Seriously?! As a food blogger, you should know better than to write off a place after complaining about their wares that is not their forte.

  4. Hi Anonymous, if you read carefully, you would realize the main review wasn't about the salad. Besides, it can't be that hard making a fruit salad right? The disappointment is the coffee and breakfast staples, which is the main business of Loysel's. I like Papa Pahleta's coffee and i was really excited to try the stuff at Loysel's but it was disappointing.

  5. Gotta agree w Anonymous above partially. I've been to Loysel's quite often for the coffee & bakes & I think your review of the place was somewhat lacking. It sounded to me as if your trip to Loysel's was on a whim &/ based on the hype. But you didn't quite know why you wanted to go there. It's like going to a famous Carrot cake stall bec it has good reviews only to order their oyster omelette & then complaining that the food didn't live up to the hype. Just saying...