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Cafe Review: Toby's Estate (Birthday Week Day -1)

By Thursday, January 05, 2012 , , ,

Been meaning to try Toby's Estate for a long while but the boy has been too lazy to drive down to Robertson on the weekends. Since we started the birthday week earlier this year and because he can't celebrate with me on my actual birthday itself, waking a lil earlier and driving a lil further seems like a fair sacrifice. 

Toby's is just a stone's throw away from Kith Cafe which is also very popular with the residents in the area. Shall try that some time soon. Love the old warehouse feel to the area. Very grunge but they have since refurbished and repainted the exterior. We have noted this place some time ago before Toby moved in. There's an ice cream place that S likes but i thought nothing of. Can't remember the name of the place but they sell mattresses too. 

Huge ass roaster which wasn't in use when we were there. Would love the aroma of freshly roasted beans.

Something we noticed about the recent development in the cafe scene is that they all kinda have the same decor. Brick walls juxtaposed with a black, white and wood theme. A little raw, a little unfinished. I'm not complaining because i like it this way. The flooring of my future home would be cement or i would have a cement wall feature.

Nice airy space to chill at but my main complain is that there are not enough seats in the house! The concept of communal dining is cool but it's not very comfortable squeezing between different groups of people early in the morning just to get my caffeine fix. The space could be better utilized i feel.

The coffee is easy on the palate. I usually don't take coffee without sugar but after having Papa Pahleta's, i concluded that good coffee doesn't require any additional sweetening. I would put this in the same category. Can't say too much about the coffee as my throat was crying for help from the soreness and i think coffee made it worse. :(

Hate being sick, especially when this is the birthday week. Everyone i met said that i look sick and grumpy. S asked why i'm so angry at the world. I'm just really annoyed at being sick. Know what it's like to see all the nice food but not feeling like eating them at all? That feeling SUCKS.

I forced myself to order something anyway. Ham and Cheese Croissant was really good. The pastry is very light and airy and extremely crispy! I would love for the centre texture to have more pull though. The pastries are outsourced. S said something about it coming from Bread Project. I should just go straight to the source to get my croissant. Absolutely missing the croissant and pate in Saigon.. Sighs.

S had the poached egg with salmon on brioche. My first impression is that it looks a lot like WH's but the brioche is not toasted and this is more buttery and very fluffy. Shall try the brioche with jam next time to get a more accurate feel to the texture.

Nicely done eggs but i wouldn't say that this dish is spectacular? Not something i would definitely come back for.

W showed up at Toby's after we were about done with our breakfast. He had the Toby’s Breakfast- a composition of scrambled eggs, back bacon, roasted tomatoes and peppers and sautéed mushrooms. The eggs sure look runny enough. Shall try this when i feel better. Anyway, it's breakfast till 3pm daily so more incentives to come down. Downside to this place is also the really slow service. They really need to work on getting the coffee and food out faster.

The night was spent with my JC pals because Yuf is back from down under. Missing from the group- Junda, CW, Pui and Dao. It's hard to get the entire gang to meet up since everyone is busy with work and life. Anyway it's interesting because i met the JC folks last birthday week too! :)) They had dinner at Rakuichi (had dinner with family so didn't do that with them, shall try that soon) and we then proceeded to PS cafe for desserts and truffle fries. YUMS.
Birthdays are meant to be spent with friends and people who matters. Cheers to friendship and love. :) Thank you guys for spending your precious time with me. :))

Toby's Estate
8 Rodyk Street #01-03/04
Tel: +65 6636 7629
Daily: 7.30am - 6pm

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  1. Hello,

    Not too sure why I have come across this food blog before but great pictures and really great hidden finds,

    what camera are you girls using?

    1. Hey Jinghong, thanks! I only started this blog last nov. :) will keep updating with all the nice food on the island and out of it as well. The pictures are taken on a Lumix GF1 or by my humble iPhone4. Keep checking back for more food adventures. Cheers!