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Restaurant Review: Hidden Find- The Coastal Settlement

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The boy and i are true Easties and these days we spend most of our weekends closer to home. I'm always in town these days because of Yoga and i get sick of hanging out in town. It is especially bad on weekends especially these couple of weekends due to the festivities. To keep me occupied, S has been keeping track of new dining establishments in the area, so he does the finding and me the eating. :)

The Coastal Settlement is a 2 month old dining space hidden behind Hendon Camp and just opposite the old Changi Hospital. We have run down this road several times before and it's a really quiet place. Nice to see some new developments in the area. Suppose the rent is really cheap because a space like that at Dempsey or Town would cost a bomb. I like that it has lotsa outdoor space for chilling out. Pretty much like Skyve but more old fashioned. 
The alfresco seating at the back and around the restaurant as shown in the picture below. TCS really need to do something about the mosquitoes though. Just walking from the nearby carpark down this path and to the entrance, i was planted with 4 big kisses and they kept me occupied the entire evening. The 50cent sized bites are still swollen now. Slap on the repellant and enjoy the nature outdoors, it's quite relaxing when you are not scratching like a monkey.

The space is really interesting. I was overwhelmed by the different sights and contrasting textures- Steel columns, shelves and bars against exposed brick walls. The somewhat industrial look is softened by plush cushions on wooden frames and one feels comfortable whiling the day away. And it's perfectly fine because there is simply so much space!

The first thing that caught my eye was the main display of an eclectic mix of old furniture, memorabilia from the old days, flipping blocks, metal pots and potties..
There are also 4 Vespas sitting on the shelves! 

TCS is a great place for hanging out with friends and you can tell that by their table arrangements. How so? Most of the tables are huge with chairs for groups of at least 4 and more. There are bar seats, dining seats, round tables, rectangle tables, stools seating, sofa seating and so on. No matter the size of the group and regardless of your seating preference, you'll find something that fits here.
I love how they section the restaurant into different areas. This feels more like a pub with bar stools. A live band was playing when i was there during the weekend. Old melodies and soulful singing by a group of uncles. They are not fantastic but somehow it's very atmospheric. 
My favorite space in the restaurant. Cosy and relaxing. I love how there's plenty of natural light filtering in through the floor to ceiling glass panels.

The bar is also pretty cool. They have this blue Eiffel Beer Tower for their beers. Not sure if you can purchase it for home use though. Would love to have one even though i don't drink beer. I suppose Sangria could work fine too. Hmm.. Sangria Tower.. Yums.
Now onto the food. For starters we had the Portobello fries (S$14). It's a bread crumbled Portobello slices served with a truffle mayonnaise. Sounds good? It tastes even better than truffle fries because of the added moisture from the mushroom. Add a little of that homemade chili and the dish is even more perfect.

There's a selection of Chinese main courses like Beef Horfun, Char Kway Teow, Nasi Lemak and Crayfish Laksa? That was alongside English dishes such as Rib eye with Rosti, Roasted Chicken and Fish and Chips. If i wanted Chinese i would have gone to Changi Village. Anyways.. we ordered the Char grilled Wagyu Beef and Mushroom pizza (S$23).

Nicely grilled juicy chunks of beef slices with sweet caramelized onion, sauteed mushrooms on a white wine reduction cream sauce and baked with Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese. Each mouthful was an explosion of tastes. The sweetness of the onion, smokiness of the beef and saltiness from the cheese give the dish a multitude of sensations. 

Even though it's a thin crust, it's not the same as the crispy Skinny pizza cracker sort. This has more bite to it and you would have to chew a bit. This is really heavenly!
A meal is never complete without desserts and the waffles blew our minds (S$14). The presentation is really pretty and once again it delighted our tastebuds. Light, crispy and salty waffles (yes salty. Very nice though!), fresh creme with sweet banana and raspberries (they ran out of strawberries) and maple syrup with a side of bitter sweet dark chocolate ice cream with a thinly sliced biscotti, cookie crumbs and dark chocolate. I was just grinning and nodding my head the whole time.
This is definitely my new favorite Eastie hangout apart from Lots. No more traveling to PS cafe for desserts anymore (unless i'm in town). I hope they don't close shop anytime soon because it is indeed quite out of the way. Please support them because the food is really good and i wanna continue hanging out here! :)) They have All Day Breakfast too! I'm so going back! Comes highly recommended by me (if that means something. haha.)

The Coastal Settlement
200 Netheravon Road
Tel: +65 6475 0200
Daily: 10.30am - 12am (Last food order at 10pm)

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  1. heard so much about the place, and been meaning to check it out too! looks damn good! only if only its not so out of the way..

  2. We can try convincing lychee and durian to go to ubin for a day trip and then head here for dinner! Haha.

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