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Cafe Review: Sweet+Savory- PS Cafe

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Some time back, i wrote about how i eat certain food because of the emotions i associate with them and also how i crave for certain textures and thus i pick certain dishes (read about it here). Here is another of my eating quirks and it's all about balance; a balance of sweet and savory flavors in a meal. 
Apple steamed pudding with vanilla ice cream and truffle fries
This is a girl who eats desserts before her mains, as mains and after mains. "Life is uncertain. Eat desserts first." pretty much sums up my philosophy on food. I honestly believe that i do have a separate stomach for desserts. And no, it's not my hips. However, my favorite way of eating desserts is to have it with something savory. If you think it's weird, think again. Have you eaten MacDonald's fries with the ice cream before? Do you like salted caramel ice cream/cheesecake? What popcorn flavor do you get when you are at the cinema or from Garrett's? The Chicago mix is obviously my preferred choice. Do you take prata with sugar? I don't but that's besides the point. Anyway, i think you get my drift.
I think most people subconsciously perform this balancing of taste. Me? It's second nature. While i like desserts, it gets pretty gelat (for the lack of a better word). The first few mouthfuls are always very satisfying but the marginal utility diminishes really quickly. To counter that effect, i found that having some salty food helps to fool the tummy into thinking that it hasn't in fact already finished a slice of cake or half a tub of ice cream. Ok i exaggerate, my stomach space is pretty teeny but yea it does help. It breaks the monotony of the sweetness which can be cloying.

It's a good strategy for buffet! When you start to feel full from all the savory food, have a little bit of sweet stuff. I swear you can go for your third, fourth or nth helping after that.
Anyway, one of my favorite combination of sweet+savory food is from PS Cafe and the photograph that greeted you is what i would typically order.

The food at PS is not fantastic though the portions are huge. I like the crab tart (which is only served at Palais). Their quiche (varies from day to day) is a hit and miss-  dry tart and the tart to filling ratio isn't perfect (too much of the former). Their brunch menu is also rather forgettable.

Of all the outlets that have sprouted over the island (all central in fact), my favorite is still the one at Palais Renaissance. It's the perfect place to hang out after a day of shopping and it's quiet (Harding is really noisy) and airy (unlike the claustrophobic Paragon and A.S.H outlets). There's a choice of outdoor seating which is a good option if the weather is not overly humid.
So why do i keep going back? For the desserts of course! Their cakes are quite consistent and so far they haven't failed me when i have a sweet craving. I love the steamed apple pudding with butterscotch sauce and real vanilla ice cream. Tender juicy caramelized apple chunks on top of a warm brown sponge that soaks up that butterscotch sauce and neutralized with a fragrant vanilla ice cream- it's an explosion of taste and texture. This is only available at Palais as well (another reason to go there!). I don't like their sticky date pudding at Harding, too much of the date skin which really scratches the throat. Dates are also too sweet for my liking.

This is best eaten with the truffle shoestring fries. If you see the mountain of fries you would understand the need for desserts. The same could be said for the size of the pudding as well. It may look small but i can never finish 1 by myself. So the said combination is best shared with friends. Share the calories and share the love. :))
If you are a chocolate fan, go for the Blackout chocolate cake. Let me warn you first, it's a huge slab of cake. I once had this with A, D and L (we had another ginger cheesecake and truffle fries) and we couldn't finish the chocolate cake! S believed that he could finish a slice on his own (as lunch) and i think he only managed 55% of it. I call this the Blackout challenge. Let me know if you can finish this alone, I'll put your picture up!
In short, PS is a nice chill out place. Good for desserts and small snacks. Not so much for mains. It's also kinda overpriced too for the food they serve but it's alright if you share it with friends.

PS Cafe
A.S.H Park

Check out their website for individual outlet's opening hours and menu.

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