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Hawker Review: Food Republic Wisma Atria

By Friday, July 20, 2012 , ,

Was invited to a tasting at recently reopened Food Republic Wisma Atria. It has been closed for a facelift to provide diners with a more comfortable dining experience. Missuschewy was so nice to ask Celes, Alexis and i along to share the wonderful food. Food Republic is my top choice hawker center (if i really have to eat at one) ever since i found out that they have all my favorite stalls in 1 convenient location. Plus i'm really quite the brat when it comes to eating hawker food. :P Read about how i became a FR covert in my 112 Katong Food Republic review here.

The revamped Food Republic at level four of Wisma Atria sits hundreds and is now open to serve  favourite snacks and meals from 23 food stations, three mini restaurants and one kiosk for visitors. Patrons can look forward to revisiting their favourite stalls including What You Do Prata, Capitol Phuay Heng, Thye Hong, Formosa Delights, Huat Huat Barbeque Chicken Wings, Ice Shop, Koh Grill and Sushi Bar and Toast Box. And i found out that my favorite Yong Soon You Tiao stall is here too! Yay!

New tenants include Hyangtogol Korean, Odeon Beef Noodles, Toa Payoh Lorong One Fish Porridge/ Fish Soup, He Niu Teppanyaki and Soup Guru.

We sampled a total of 13 dishes from various stalls. I will just tell you what i like because there are too many pictures. Let's start with my top favorites.

From the multiple food award winner Koh Grill and Sushi Bar...
Shiok Maki (S$16.80)- Each piece of maki was creamy, moist and full of flavors. Unagi and avocado wrapped in a seaweed roll, covered with a gratinated Aburi Salmon with a Mayonnaise/Hollandaise? sauce and topped with flying fish roe. All my favorite ingredients in 1 maki. I foresee myself eating this every time i have a sushi craving.
The Swordfish and Tuna Carpaccio (S$18) was very refreshing. It had a strong citrus taste which makes this a very good appetizer. Sesame oil, maybe yuzu as well and garlic were used in this one. The ingredients are flown in from Japan, Norway, Australia and Canada to ensure fresh food anytime of the year. The affable Chef Patrick often offers special creations so do look out for them.   
From Odeon Beef Noodle, we had the Beef Noodle Dry (S$5) and Beef Organ Set (S$7). I usually have my Beef Noodles at Hock Lam and i think this is pretty good. The beef slices were very tender and we especially love the huge and succulent beef balls. The soup is not as herby as Hock Lam's but it's flavorful and there is a light sweet herbal taste. Only qualms is that i would love to have thicker beef slices. I'm such the carnivore.
From Hyangtogol Korean, we had the Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup-S$18). I wasn't impressed by this one though. Couldn't taste the ginseng at all. We did find a piece of the ginseng later one but it was tasteless. This is unlike the traditional Samgyetang which stuffs glutinous rice in the chicken. Would skip this and go for the Soondubijigae (Beancurd soup- $6.50). This is my usual order at any Korean restaurant. I think they executed the soup quite well. It had the right amount of spice and there were little clams and shrimps in it. Well for S$6.50 i wouldn't really be expecting huge pieces of seafood. I would order this again. In fact, i was the one who finished more than half of this during our meal.
The Bulgogi Marinated BBQ Beef (S$7.50) was so so. Felt that it could do with a little more spice.
I've previously tried the sister branch of Indonesian Padang at 112 Katong and i wasn't impressed then. This however was much better. The beef rendang in the Nasi Kuning Set (S$7.20) was tender and nicely flavored with coconut and chili. Love the little crispy side with nuts and keropok. The rice is also more fluffy and moist.  
The Ayam Merah Set B1 Meat 1 Veg 1 Rice (S$5.50) was also quite palatable. I like the curry that the chicken drumstick was cooked in but i thought the chicken was on the dry side and a little tough. 
We didn't have this but the Suckling Pig at Guan Chee looked fabulous. Where else can you get an individual portion of suckling pig in a Singapore food court!  Guan Chee has been specializing in roasted, charcoal-burnt and smoked ducks since 1980. I would definitely come back for this next time.

Thye Hong hardly needs any introduction. I finally tried their Char Kway Teow (S$4.50/ $6.50/ $8.50) which was decent. I really can't judge this because i don't eat enough CKT to give you a good sense of its taste. It tasted less oily than what i thought CKT would be and that is always a good thing. Fresh cockles included in this one.
Fried Prawn Noodle (S$5.20/ $7.20/ $9.20). I think the Hokkien Mee is ok but if it works for the masses, i think that will do. I think the coffeeshop near my place does a better one though. 
The main disappointment was probably the Toa Payoh Lorong One’s signature fish porridge and fish soup. Tried the Double Fish Soup delight (S$6) and it was bland and diluted. It tasted more like fish water more than fish soup. Definitely didn't have the sweetness of the fish, which didn't taste fresh as well.

Overall, the quality of food at Food Republic did not disappoint me. Thanks to Touch Communications for the invitation.

Food Republic  
Wisma Atria Level 4
435 Orchard Road, Singapore 238877 
Monday – Thursday, Sunday, Public Holiday: 10am – 10pm
Friday, Saturday, Eve of Public Holiday: 10am-11pm

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