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Restaurant: Dian Xiao Er [Birthday Week (Extended) Day -2]

By Wednesday, January 04, 2012 , , ,

I remember the days when birthdays used to be fun and exciting. Presents from family, relatives and friends, little surprises from loved ones, giving out hand-wrapped birthday goodies to classmates, huge ass birthday cake etc. Birthdays used to be magical, until you grow older that is and that's when the meaning of birthday loses itself. It becomes just another day (unless you have great friends who remember). I don't feel much different from what i did the day or month before. It's another jump in the number that represents age, another mark towards becoming an adult (i still don't see myself as one), another reminder that it's time to grow up and move on. Sad hur? That is life. 

Anyway, i was pretty determined not to let all the negativities dampen the festive season (which is my birthday) so i started doing this birthday week thingy. Birthdays are way too important to be celebrated in just 1 day so mine is a week long celebration! So for those who missed your chance to congratulate me, you have 6 more days. :P So a full 7 days of feasting and catching up with people who matters to me. Yay-ness!

This year birthday week 2 days earlier because we celebrated my uncle's birthday (which is a day before mine). Hello to 9 days of non stop eating! Ended up having impromptu lunch on NY day at Dian Xiao Er near home (Serangoon Nex Branch). 

I kinda like the roast duck that they have. This is the duck roasted with 10 wonder herbs with things like Astragalue, Codonopsis Root, Dried Longan etc.. (god knows what the rest of the wonders are but they sure taste yummy). The sauce is sweet and yet not overpowering with herb. I could simple have the sauce with a pot of white rice and finish every single grain. The duck is fabulous too, think brown caramelized duck skin that crackles when you pop it into your mouth and a moist juicy texture to the meat.  

The Emerald Toufu, a homemade wheatgrass blended toufu, is also a favorite with diners. Crispy exterior and a silky interior, this dish sure made me feel healthy since it's like eating vegetables. 

We also had the Braised Mushrooms in Chinese Wine. I love the big oyster mushrooms and the sweet taste of the Chinese wine. This is something i could eat everyday. Besides, alcohol is a great complement to food, be it cooked in or drunk along with it.

This is one of my favorite dishes at DXE- Stir Fried Lotus Root with Macadamia Nuts. Love the crunchy texture of the lotus root and the nuts. These are 2 of my favorite ingredients. They also have water chestnut as well as gingko nuts! Love them. This dish is surely refreshing and has a very clean and crisp taste. 

We also had the Mongolian Pork Ribs. The sauce is unique with quite a bit of spices and chili. It's just that the meat was kinda overcooked. I was expecting ribs that would fall off the bone but instead i was doing a tug of war with mine.  

To end the lunch, i had the gui ling gao to soothe my sore throat (which has sadly developed into a raging inferno and congested chest full of phlegm and more..). The jelly wasn't very herby/bitter as compared to the one i had at Changi Airport. I suppose it's good for the normal diner but i wanted something that would put out the fire in the throat so that was a little disappointing.

Generally a good place to have a sit down Chinese meal with the family. They do have the CNY package too for dining in and taking out so do check out their website for more details.

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