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Restaurant Review: Soup Restaurant

By Tuesday, January 24, 2012 , ,

Happy Chinese New Year people! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Didn't managed to get the pics up on the Eve so i didn't make it in time to wish everybody. New Year Eve has always been a mad rush to finish preparing for the big event- lotsa last minute food shopping (how can i resist the snacks..), picking up the reunion dinner (we have been getting our reunion dinner from restaurants from the past 3 years) and other last minute stuff. 

This year i managed to squeeze in some yoga workout just so i won't feel guilty for overeating. 2h of yoga didn't help much though because the eating was insane and incessant. It started off with our reunion dinner from Soup Restaurant. We had this last year as well and they tweaked the menu a little. We love their signature Samsui Chicken in ginger sauce. This is the closest i get to eating chicken rice. I generally don't eat chicken rice because it's so unhealthy (neither do i eat char kway teow or laksa. i'm weird that way). The samsui platter came with prawns and marinated jellyfish just like those in Chinese cold dishes.

Some screw-up with the yu sheng because they forgot to give us the sauce and we only realized it when we were about to start eating. A call to the restaurant and they sent it over to our place. Additional salmon sashimi was purchased from the nearby Jap restaurant as well. Yummy.  
I had to drop by Dian Xiao Er (read more about their food here) to get some non pork dishes because the mama doesn't eat pork. 
I love Pen Cai because it's full of yummy goodies like abalone, scallops, chinese mushrooms braised in a thick starchy rich broth. I usually ignore the pork belly, sea cucumber and other stuff that's in it. Anyway this dish tastes the best overnight because the food would have soaked up all that goodness. We usually do leftovers the next day because we never ever finish the food. It's a cny tradition for us. :))

The eating continued the next morning. Lunch part 1 at my place, part 2 at S's yeye's place. Then off to my relatives' where i had bak kwa, tarts, kueh lapis.. and the list goes on. Dinner part 1 at my relative's and then part 2 at S's grandma's place. I don't think my mouth stopped moving at any one time. :( 

Coincidentally, the choice of bags for CNY was Miu Miu this year. We didn't plan this at all. M's Vitello Lux in Brown, S's mum's pink coffer-ish looking bag (no idea what's that) and my Matelasse Clutch in Cammeo. Perfect clutch for all my ang bows! :) What was your chinese new year bag? Hope it didn't get rained on. I had to use my dress to shelter my clutch, thankfully i brought the small one out. 

To make ourselves feel less guilty, we went for a run after all that eating. It was a crazy run (yes run/sprinting not jogging) no thanks to the bf who is fitter than me now (then again i was wearing my Vibram which didn't provide any ankle support). A short 6km run which probably only burnt our dinner calories and now we are inflicted with weird aches. Today i'm gonna stay away from the food table. Kinda hard because everyone is gonna be over and when you entertain, you eat. 

Happy CNY once again! Hope it's a bountiful year. Eat now, work out later. Life is too short for us to be counting calories. 


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