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The Birthday Post

By Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Most people would do their yearly reflections come 31st Dec, i would usually review it on my birthday. 1st reason being that it is really close to the end of the year and the 2nd being that i use it to chart my yearly growth.

This past year was a lot on maintaining balance in my life and i'm proud to say that i've achieved a state of equilibrium especially towards the end of the year. I spent a good part of 2010 working and stressing myself out and a small part of my 2011 resolution was to have a better work-life separation. I think i did that very well, i hardly brought work home but it wasn't too hard since i am such a Type A i usually finish it at work anyway. 

I felt more at ease and happier after taking up yoga. It has made me more at ease mentally and the plus point is that it gives me a better and stronger body. I feel like i can take on any challenge or shit life throws in my way. Positivity rocks. 

I started this blog end Nov and it has been a great space for me to share my thoughts and my love for food, fashion and travel. I hope you guys like it as much as i do. I've had friends telling me that they've read my articles and everyone has been nothing but encouraging. I hope you guys are not just being nice because we are friends. I can take criticisms really (may just cry in the privacy of my room but it's really ok. Kidding!).

2011 was also a year that i grew as an individual. I've become even more independent than before. December saw me doing a pseudo individual trip to Vietnam (read about it here) and i ate and did the sightseeing alone and i really enjoyed my own company (even though it'd be nice to share my thoughts with someone at certain points). That kinda contributed to my personal growth in a big way. 

I've made some really close friends in the past year and reconnected with some and they have helped me grow as an individual as well. It's amazing how Z and i became such close friends within such a short span of time and we even travelled together. She's like my long lost twin in so many ways- our outlook in life, interests, the way we think, the things we eat etc etc. Thanks babe for being such a great friend. Cheers to a lifetime of friendship! 

I've been quite happy and satisfied this year. I gave a lot and i learned to give in as well, i invested in my relationships with friends and it made happy that they are happy (read about it here). That said, in this new year, i'm not going to let myself be taken advantage of. It's not really friendship when people don't keep to their word and they disappoint time and time again. So yea, as positive as i am, i think there's only that much shit i can take so i'm walking away from bad relationships. 

To all my friends, thanks for being there for me in the past years and for the potential support that i'll receive in the many years to come. I love you guys!

This new year, i pray for courage, for growth, for peace and for love. And i hope we all find what we are looking for in life. 



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