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Cafe Review: Flor Patisserie (Birthday Week BDay Part 2)

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After the 'light' lunch at Hanayoshi, the 2 skinnyfat girls proceeded to Flor Pattisserie for desserts. I think we chose to dine at the Duxton area with desserts in mind. How typical of us. :) 

I've been meaning to try the desserts at Flor. The first time was when W and I were at Group Therapy but we were too stuffed to even think about desserts. The second time was with S and he asked if I wanted desserts for lunch but we had some last minute engagement so that didn't work out either. 

I was surprised to see how small the space is. Some tables and chairs to accommodate 6 and another 3 stools along a small bar counter. Outside the shop, there're dining space for another 8 perhaps? I reckon it's more of a bakery for cakes to go. But anyway we decided to camp there for a while to enjoy the cakes.  
Birthday selection! I wanted a light and cool dessert and the green tea mousse cake with green tea jelly (The Vert) seemed like the perfect remedy to my throat. The other dessert we chose was the mille-feuille with chestnut paste (Waguri Millefeuille).
Z asked for a candle to go with the cake. The cake is so wobbly, the candle could hardly stand on it.
Can't wait to dig in! Anticipation!! No birthday song from Z because she claims she can't sing. BOO. Anyway 1 thing i love about birthdays is the wish-making part. So the more cakes the better. HA.

"This year, i wanna look younger, prettier but wiser. I wish for stability and balance, maturity and strength. Let it be a better year for my bag collection and may i lay hands on the AMQ that catches my eye and... ok maybe just that all my wishes will come true. 1 wish. Not very greedy right? :P"

The green tea cake is very light and this is very typical of Japanese cakes. I love the Japanese cheesecake with that cow logo on it. I can finish at least half a cake in a sitting (i swear it). It doesn't feel sinful at all. Every mouthful simply disappears into a fragrant mix that glides down your throat. It feels like a dream because you're not sure if you really did eat it at all. 

The matcha is strong but not overpowering and the green tea sponge cake was also very airy and moist. I like the green tea jelly which sits on top of the cake. It adds an additional dimension to the creamy texture, kinda chewy but not much? Flor uses the Kyoto-uji matcha for the pristine flavor and aroma and it's a damn good choice.

The Waguri millefeuille was also very nice. Same quality to the sponge cake. I would reckon that their toufu chiffon cake would have the same texture. Z had it before and said that it's pretty good but pricey for a chiffon cake ($13.80 for 1 if i didn't remember wrongly). There's a nice mix of custard and cream with the puff pastry.

Typically, a mille-feuille would have 3 layers of pastry and 2 layers of creme but this only has 2 layers of pastry. I'm not too picky about stuff like that. I personally thought this has a nice pastry to cream/cake ratio. Any more and i would feel like i'm trying to sandpaper the insides of the throat.

Pastry was well done, has a nice bite to it and wasn't at all moist or flat from the creme. The chestnut paste goes down really easy. I've tried several chestnut based desserts such as the Mont Blanc from Antoinette but they are kinda dense and dry as compared to Flor's. Z and i had a discussion about the chestnuts that were used to made these desserts and if they differ from those we typically see at the night markets. Think it's the same?

Anyhoo, the cakes didn't even take up much space in our tummies and we ordered their iced cheese tarts. They have quite a couple of flavors e.g. orange chocolate, caramel, green tea with yuzu and a couple of others. It has an almond cookie base and is filled with a lightly salted cream cheese filling (Flor's signature) and goes for $3.20 a pop. 

I would liken the experience to what eating dry ice would be. It simply sublimes in the mouth and vaporizes. Imagine cheese that does that? It absolutely defies logic but it's really interesting. I was confused and surprised for a bit on my first mouth. We had the caramel one and it wasn't too sweet (which is great). Go try it for yourself. 

Explored the area a bit after desserts and saw all the restaurants that i've been wanting to try. Can't wait to head back soon. Now who needs a dinner date? :)

#01-01, 2 Duxton Hill
Tel: +65 6223 8628
Mon to Sat: 11am - 7pm, Cafe: 11am - 6pm
Sun & PH: 11am - 6pm, Cafe: 11am - 5pm

Also available at Takashimaya Food Hall, Basement 2
Tel: +65 6737 1789
Daily: 10am - 9pm

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