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Bag Review: Miu Miu Clutch (Birthday Week Day 4- Present to myself)

By Monday, January 09, 2012

The best presents are the ones we give ourselves. We know perfectly what we want and love so why not just get it for ourselves instead of wishing and hoping that someone else would get it for you? Trust me, surprises never work very well and more often that not it disappoints. 

So a new bag for my birthday! I know i haven't gotten down to revealing the other bags that i own. I intended to showcase my blue series in December but the traveling was kinda disruptive to the writing. In fact, I actually got myself another EOY present in Dec (obviously another bag). It's a ocean blue "something". Suspense! That post would be up soon.

Anyway.. thanks to my buddy BG, who happened to sneak off to London town in Dec, i managed to lay my hands on this lovely baby! He felt absolutely tortured stepping into Selfridges and swore never to buy another bag for me. :P 
Revealing the lovely lady inside..
Tada! And it is the Contenitori Piatti Soft Matelasse Clutch in Cammeo. It's a lovely nude shade with some pink/lilac undertone. Perfect casual clutch for me, though my friends think it is suitable for evenings/dinner dates and partying?? Not sure about the latter because i surely don't want spills on this baby. It measures about 24cm x 16cm with a maximum width of about 3cm and has a detachable handle (not shown in the picture). Roomy enough for my daily essentials- phone, cards, wristlet, keys, gloss. I suppose i can fit my sunnies in as well.

Makes a really good CNY bag for all my red packets! Whee!

Fell in love the colour while bag shopping at MM prior to S's Munich trip. I was all set on getting the mini Coffer in Cammeo but it was OOS. That was when i bought my Ametiste BV as a replacement. I had other opportunities after to get the coffer but i didn't. I chose the ocean blue "something" over it again in Dec. I guess that meant something, i wasn't really into the Coffer afterall. 

The coffer is a nice bag to have. Very ladylike. The mini size is perfect for me and it is rather versatile (i was trying hard to convince myself) but somehow Miu Miu seems too common a brand to have? It doesn't really have a style of it's own and somehow the feminine look doesn't sit well with me. I like bags with a little edge to it, hence Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen are my all time favorites. I saw a number of people toting it but it was the Vitello shiny calfskin which i abhor, the finishing makes the bag look so cheap. However, the matte lambskin one is so luxe i just wanna hug it to sleep. Lambskin ftw! So yea.. that was my main struggle when i told S to go ahead with searching for this bag. 
But honestly, look at how cute this is. They had a turqoise/teal one as well which would make a good casual bag for the weekends but it looks like something from Marc Jacobs. For something that costs S$2.5-2.6k, it should not look like MJ. That's the reason why i said MM doesn't really have a style of its own.

I guess the main reason why i wanted the coffer was because of the colour. Cammeo is such a lovely nude and every girl needs a nude bag of some sort in her bag collection (i'm also implying that every girl should have a bag collection. Haha). So when i saw the clutch i was wondering if they would come in Cammeo and i asked B to check out the London stores and they do! It's not even available online then. So yay me! 

Can't wait to take her out soon. Some problems with the hook because you obviously can't trust boys to get something right. The handle is at the Sg store for repairs (great after care service!) but it's fine because i wouldn't really be using it. 

Loving my birthday week! Which is gonna end tomorrow! :( 1 more post to conclude the birthday week and then it's back to growing up. :(( 

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  1. hey. may i know how much u paid for the Contenitori Piatti Soft Matelasse Clutch?

  2. I can't remember the exact price and can't seem to find the pricing on the Miu Miu UK site. It is about 330GBP before VAT refund. A friend got it from Selfridges for me. It retails for about S$700+ in the Singapore store. Really affordable for a versatile clutch/handbag. :)