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Cafe Review: Epicurious

By Sunday, January 15, 2012 , , , , ,

Another weekend, another brunch. It's like i overcompensate for the lack of nice food during the week (not entirely true as well because the friends and i like to go for nice lunches as well). Anyway, to make up for forgetting about my birthday (and i gave him hell for that), my childhood friend Bernie treated me to brunch as part of his apology package (shall remind him of part 2 soon). He wanted somewhere with no queue and suggested Epicurious at the Quayside. 

I have passed by Epicurious many a times when i head over to Robertson Quay for brunch/tea/dinner. Still my favorite weekend hangout spot! Anyway Epicurious always seems pretty crowded to me but i have never given a thought about trying their food (heard that it's not fantastic). Still, it draws a regular crowd on weekends and weekdays alike so i guess there's something about it that keeps it going? 

What works
The food wasn't too bad. I had the Breakfast burrito ($14.90) which came with home fried fries and salsa. The salsa was tangy and refreshing but it was a really small portion. I took little bites of the tomato bits.   
The inside was a moist and running scrambled egg centre with diced tomatoes and tiny morsels of chorizo and well mixed with melted cheese. I really like the wetness of the dish. Nice blend of textures- the creaminess of the egg, slight pull from the cheese and chewiness from the chorizo. The amount of chorizo is pathetic though. Everything was held nicely together in the flour tortilla which didn't break despite the moisture from the eggs. I think this dish isn't too badly executed and i sure wouldn't mind having it again, this time with an extra side of sausages (i'm such a carnivore).
What's average
Bernie had the baked eggs with ham, oven baked with cheese on top. My first reaction to the eggs was that it was really oily! I could see a layer of oil on the top and in the dish as well. That said, the cheese was a savory complement to the plain eggs. I think Pamplemousse at Dempsey does a better baked eggs (that has foie gras and truffle oil in it). Really small portion again but somehow we were both pretty satisfied (amount-wise) after brunch.

What's bad
The coffee. We had the iced mocha which IMO is the worst mocha i've had in a while. The chocolate didn't melt and was separated from the milk coffee. It was like drinking floated bits of waxy chocolate after a while. That was $6 for a hot mocha and another additional buck for the ice. I've paid less for better at Lots. What's worse was that it gave me a terrible caffeine headache with the lousy beans. With so many good coffee places around the area e.g. Kith, Toby's, Dimbulah and Smitten, Epicurious should really up their game. Or at least cater better coffee from their neighbors. 

I may give it another shot, for the food if not the coffee. Afterall it's a nice place to chill out on good weather days. The indoor seating kinda smells of food and outdoor is kinda warm. Nevertheless, Epicurious is a good spot for people watching and chilling. The food is well.. something to keep you occupied while you catch up with friends.

60 Robertson Quay #01-02, The Quayside
Tel: +65 6734 7720
Tue-Fri: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 5.30pm - 9.30pm
Weekends: 9am - 9.30pm (breakfast till 5pm)

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  1. "It's like i overcompensate for the lack of nice food during the week (not entirely true as well because the friends and i like to go for nice lunches as well". Have to agree with what you said, our lives are so hectic i actually make plans to indulge on weekends sorta as some reprieve :)

  2. We sure do live for the weekends! It's always nice to have something to look forward to during the week. :)

  3. i had the burrito breakfast here too, scrambled egg within the wrap was pretty good :)

  4. Yeap! Scrambled eggs must always be runny! Antoinette and Lot's have pretty creamy ones. The Garden Slug has really yummy and buttery ones.