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For those who regularly read this blog, you would know that i recently took a short break in Vietnam, Saigon to be specific. And i am proud to say that the anal and obsessive compulsive Type A in me took things pretty easy this time round and i stuck to the plan of not planning (read about it here) . Kudos to me!

Everything was flexible and spontaneous. I dragged myself to various restaurants even though i was lazy at times. Did the sights alone, ate alone, yoga-ed alone (yes i'm a yoga addict) and i really enjoyed my own company. That's not to say that i didn't enjoy the company of Z (my skinnyfat twin) but it's nice to have your own space and time to do the things that you like and we gave each other the space we needed so it was great. A post of finding the perfect travel partner soon.

I would be cataloging this journey in 3 parts. Eat Pray Love really speaks to me this time round because that was exactly what i did this trip.

Eat- The food is Saigon is heavenly. They are exactly the kind of food that i love- buttery croissants, smooth pate, aromatic coffee, moist cupcakes... And meats. Bring on the juicy and tender steaks and succulent German sausages. The Vietnamese food was also great. I fell in love with pho bo the first time i tried it in SFO. Weird place to have vietnamese but it was awesome. More posts on my cafe haunts in Saigon. Be prepared for lots of drooling.

Pray- I started doing yoga more intensively in December since it's a lull period for me. I did 1 to 2 sessions everyday prior to my trip and i love it. This comes from a non believer of yoga prior to doing it but it makes me happy (now i sound like a crazee). More on that later. Anyway i found myself a yoga school in Saigon and it's a really positive and inviting environment for me.

Love- No there wasn't/weren't any love interest in Vietnam but it was more about loving yourself and accepting your flaws, your body, your life and also treating yourself better. We accept the love we think we deserve- i believe that we have to love ourselves in order for others to love us. At the same time, it was also about loving friends and loved ones and showing our love in little ways or big ones.

More on my travel adventures soon!

This may seem like a very dated post because everyone knows about Chef Pang and Antoinette now. I first visited Antoinette when they were really new, perhaps a week into their operation. S was particularly interested because he loves macarons (Pierre Herme ftw!) and has been on the search for the best macarons in Singapore as a PH substitute. Sadly, there isn't any. Some came close e.g. Obolo but there are some hits and misses. Anyway we visited the Penhas outlet and i still prefer this to the one at Mandarin because MG is quite claustrophobic. So in the same week, we visited A about 3-4 times. So much that the servers recognize us and knows S by name (S went back on his own to get macarons).
It was pretty hard locating this place at night. We were walking around the area (a bit shady because of Fragrance hotel). We went all around only to realize that A is just next to Fragrance.
The decor is very simple and quite very Canele (considering Chef Pang's roots). A tries to be more french. Some plush cushion seats and other rattan ones. Lots of space between diners which is always nice because you don't want people to eavesdrop on your conversations. Downside? It's not easy getting a reservation. Please do make one in advance especially if it's for brunch or lunch. Not too much of a dinner crowd.
On the macarons- i hate them. It's too cloyingly sweet. Good macarons are not supposed to be very sweet. Of course i'm comparing them to the PH god but still.. The texture varies as well, which i felt is quite weird. Some were too dry and some were too sticky. None were airy or light or fluffy. Terrible terrible.
The selection of desserts is quite wide. Many similar cakes to Canele. I've tried quite a couple and my favorite is the Antoinette. The first time i ordered it, i thought it would be a heavy dessert but i was surprised at the lightness of the earl grey chocolate mousse that is inside. The milk chocolate coating is the icing on the cake, it goes so well with the slightly bitter tea taste. I love the crispy bits inside (the ferrero rocher kinda pastry). The raspberry compote (if i remembered correctly) refreshes the taste of the dessert, breaking the monotony of the chocolate dish.
I can't remember what's the Salted Caramel Profiterole or something. I love salted caramel but the profiterole was kinda too dry. More creme needed for sure!
Tried the Baba Rum on another occasion. If you can't take the alcohol don't do this dish. The rum is quite bitter as well. and the puff is soaked with it. Not a fan.

The hot Viennese Chocolate served with creme Chantilly on the side is thick and rich. Go for the hot ones because the cold ones become diluted and doesn't taste as good. I love the creme Chantilly and i ordered everything with that because it has vanillaa beans in it! YAY!

There's a selection of crepes. The above is the Pavlova- Flambeed caramelized banana, chocolate sauce, passion fruit banana sorbet, French meringue and vanilla creme Chantilly. S ordered this for breakfast. That is quite crazy. This is extremely sweet. Not breakfast food for sure.

I personally love the Nougatine which is filled with nutella, salty caramel, caramelized filo, nougatine ice cream and vanilla creme Chantilly. All my favorite flavors in 1 dish. :)) Contrasting texture, spongy creme soaking up the melted nougatine ice cream with crispy and flaky filo. Heavenly. And nutella! Who doesn't love nutella right?
Had a hard time picking out the desserts. Spoilt for choices. Anyhoo, these days i just stick to the Antoinette.
I've tried various items on their breakfast menu. Nothing really special but i like their scrambled eggs which are creamy and runny. The sausages are also quite good, thick chunky and moist. There are definitely better sausages but let's face it, they are hard to find and expensive.

The above it their classic Eggs Florentine- toasted Brioche, wilted spinach, serano ham, hollandaise sauce, salad with house dressing a side of sausage. The brioche is over toasted and kinda dry. Certainly not buttery enough and too porous. Can't remember much about this dish which meant that it is just mediocre.

In all, i would say that Antoinette is a good place for desserts and chilling out with friends.

30 Penhas Road (off Lavender Street), Singapore 208188
Tel: +65 6293 3121
Monday to Thursday: 11am - 10pm
Friday and eve of public holidays: 11am - 11pm
Saturday: 10am - 11pm
Sunday and public holidays – 10am to 10pm
Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road, Mandarin Gallery,
Tel: +65 6836 9527 
Daily: 11am - 10pm

Lazy weekends calls for lazy brunch. S is usually the lazy one who refuses to drive from the East to Robertson where all the nice cafes are. Knowing that i love English breakfasts, he tries his best to accomodate and so he searches for cafes in the East for me. So while we were driving around searching for food in the estate, we decided to stop by Upper Changi Road (always pass by that place but we only refueled there) to check out the restaurants. S always points out Porta Porta to me but we have never tried it BUT it was Lots Gourmet Shop that caught our eyes (and tummies).
Tucked away on a quiet street, this little cafe restaurant serves really awesome breakfast food. It has a very relaxed vibe to it. I could sit here all day reading a book, drinking cider (Brother's Toffee Apple cider is so tasty!) It is just across the Changi Women's Prison (i think) and you can hear bells at times. Gave me lots to think about just sitting there.
They do lunch and dinner as well. I haven't tried that before because i'm a breakfast food fan so only breakfast for me!

Just look at the amount of food! I would compare the portion to Jones', slightly smaller but this is half the price of what you pay there. Value for money or what? Lots used to do meats so the sausages are good. Looks a bit on the thin side but it's juicy and fragrant. I would go for the Kraftcorn bread and slather it with the salted butter (yay!) and then place the creamy and wet scrambled eggs on top. Best combination ever. This is my favorite but i always have trouble finishing. Now we switched it to the other combination that comes with pancakes so that S and i both get what we want without over expanding our stomachs. Brilliant plan.
The blueberry pancakes are fluffy and moist on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside. I love the pancakes because they are not overly thick. I don't usually take pancakes because the taste gets boring after a while. Tried different pancakes from WH, Prive etc but i never liked them. FfT's is not bad but this is better. Go for blueberry, it's not as dry as the others.  
The iced mocha is also one of the better ones i've had. I would put this after Jones' (or at the same spot). Thick, sweet and creamy chocolatey fattiness but i lurveeee it. This is a dessert in itself.
I think they do a daily breakfast till 3pm. I shall be heading there when i get back. This has to be one of my favorite breakfast/brunch places in the East. Somebody try the other dishes and let me know if lunch/dinner is good as well? I'm so sticking to breakfast though. :)

Lots Gourmet Shop
965A Upper Changi Road North, Singapore
Tel: +65 6633 9651
Mon–Thu: 11am – 4pm
Fri–Sun: 10am – 10pm
Hello from Saigon! Yes i'm off for another trip and it's the 5th holiday this year. Awesomeness. Caught the 7am flight out yesterday and couldn't get mobile blogger to work for me so i couldn't post before i flew.

Anyway just a bit about this trip. Zero planning whatsoever. Just some general ideas on things to do. So far i have not done a single thing touristy unless you consider spa and manicure as part of that travel checklist. I didn't even have any authentic Vietnamese food (thanks to my other skinny fat friend Z). Anyway this would probably be the most relaxing holiday ever and i think i'm sold on this kinda traveling lifestyle.

What i did yesterday-
1. 2nd breakfast- Vietnamese iced coffee and the nicest cupcake i've tried in my life. 2 hours of talking and chilling out with the gf. <3
2. Spa and massage- Body scrub, massage and body mask. So nice to have someone knead every single knot out of my yoga-fatigued body. Another 2h gone.
3. Lunch at 2ish pm. German sausages! Really nice and juicy. Another 1.5h.
4. Mani and Pedicure- Another 2h or so
5. Back to bed.

Awesome or what?

Shall attempt to see some sights today, explore Ben Tanh market since it's just a street away. I'll be updating on my other travel eats but Saigon would have to wait till i get home.
So happy holidays my friends! Catch you guys when I get back. Enjoy the festive eating, we can worry about the weight loss later. :))


I must have mentioned a million times by now that the east has way better food than any other areas in Singapore. One of my favorite weekend hangouts is Siglap. In my uni days, S and i would drive there and park ourselves at Starbucks and mug. Or we would be having mud pie at Coffee Club. Or ice cream at Haagen Daaz (that was before Udders opened).. The food is great as well! Used to have Vietnamese but they shifted. My other favorite comfort food is Fu Lin Yong Tau Foo!  

I first tried the branch at Amoy Street and i fell in love. Seriously anything fried tastes awesome! I'm sure all of you agree with me. So think about it, fried yong tau foo and then this starchy thick braised gravy with minced meat is poured all over the golden brown babies.. I have arrived at YTH heaven, where fat cells expand and 6 packs abs are non-existent.

My favorite items are the ngoh hiang, tau pok (really great for soaking the gravy), toufu and fish cake you tiao! Not the usual yong tau foo fan so i don't have those fish cake filled vege or chili. They do have that though. Seriously i can finish up all the gravy! Say hello to cellulite!!

More gravy for the thick beehoon. I love the gravy because it's like the Taiwanese lu rou fan (braised meat rice) sauce. Ate tons of that in Taipei and i only found a comparable stall in Singapore (Full House at Central and Far East Plaza). Anyway, this is a twist to the rice but if you prefer rice they have that as well.

Fu Lin is opened daily so you can get it for breakfast, lunch or dinner which is pretty awesome to me. I wouldn't have this in the morning though because this is pretty sinful even for me. Cheap cheap must eat! It's usually about 6 bucks per person inclusive of a drink. :) Do holler if you see me eating there!

721 East Coast Road
Daily: 8.30am - 8.30pm

Another Sunday, another day of food hunting. This is what i love about weekends. S's cravings brought us to Simpang Bedok where Jalan Tua Kong Lau Lim Mee Pok Kway Teow Mee is (boy that was a mouthful!). I'm more of the english brekkie sorta girl but i don't mind traditional chinese zao can. But mee pok tah (dry) for breakfast is just a little heavy. I categorize food into meals and this is a lunch/dinner food to me. I never like to eat much for breakfast but no issues here cuz by the time we got out it was practically brunch (love weekends!)

Anyway S was surprised that i didn't know about this mee pok place and mentioned something about me losing my street cred (what street cred has to do with the knowledge of hawker food is something that still bewilders me but S is weird tt way too). What is ironic is that he hasn't tried the noodles here either. Wth right? 
So the 2 noobs headed to Simpang and this store is located within the parking area at one of the corner coffeeshop. Apparently there's another shop by the same name in the yellow row of shops (as seen in the picture below) but the white sign one is the nicer stall. Well i suppose it has to be good when it's full even with the rain. 
A hot cuppa to warm myself up, perfect for the cold weather. Little did i know this tea is gonna keep me up all night :( I love coffee and tea but these days they are just killing my wink time.
It took us pretty long to get our noodles and they came back to check our order 15mins after we ordered? That was pretty ridiculous to me and we were kinda starving by then. Anyway, if you are a fussy eater like me, you don't get much of a choice here. There is only 1 dish and it comes with fishball, fishcake and pork slices and that's it. I don't even get to add meatballs to the mix. :( Thank god they entertained my request to remove the bean sprouts (i absolutely hate tau gay). 

On first look, the dish looks really plain. This is the chili version and it appeared really harmless. That impression didn't last long. The sauce is well balanced with vinegar and the chili is kick ass after a few mouthfuls. I can take spicy and this is alright to me, ask for less if you can't take the heat.
The noodles are crunchy and nice but they dry up after a while. My trick to eating dry noodles is to pour a little soup in now and then to maintain the moisture of the noodles so that they don't stick together in a lump.

I am also very particular about fishballs because some of them can be really fishy. Ok let me explain myself, good fish should not have any fishy/xing1 taste. I clarify, when i say fishy, it doesn't refer to the taste of a fish but the unpleasant taste that certain fishes have and when the fish is not fresh.

Back to the fishballs- they are bouncy and salty (just the way i like it). The pork slices are also very tender and well cooked. To produce a good bowl of mee pok dry, the amount of time each ingredient is cooked has to be very precise (as if i'm a masterchef..but that's just my hypothesis). Too long and the noodles become too soggy and the fishballs dry and hard etc etc etc. Anyhow, the conclusion is that this is an awesome bowl of mee pok!

I've been looking for a mee pok replacement since the really nice one near my place closed down a couple of years back. S and I loved that one and nothing else could compare to it. S was so happy when he bumped into the uncle in amk one day but they have kinda retired! He wanted to them to take him as their apprentice just so that he can taste the noodles again. Yes that is my silly boy. Anyway i'm really glad i listened to S and tried this instead of going to another of my indie cafes.
If you are a small eater like us, the smallest portion would suffice ($3.50). S still had to finish my noodles for me but yea that's me. They also have the foo lin yong tau foo at the same place so if you don't feel like having mee pok you could always have that as well. Post on Fu Lin (East Coast Road) up here.

Jalan Tua Kong Lau Lim Mee Pok, Kway Teow Mee
308 Bedok Road
Tue-Sun: 7.30am - 5pm
Closed Monday

This time a year ago, i was searching for my perfect blue bag (kinda.. i just thought it would be nice to have a blue bag). I just started on my rainbow bag collection then- my aim was to have a piece in each shade of the rainbow. Ambitious much. It was a small idea that stuck with me ever since i got my Pourpre Twiggy. A little colour always spices an outfit up. So why not right? Anyway since then i have added a green (ok canard is quite an in between colour), a yellow, a pink (yes i know rainbow doesn't have pink but mine does ok), and then an ocean blue. 

Ok back to the story. I happened to browse the Mulberry site and saw that they have a blue Alexa (or at least i thought it is a blue). Somehow the name 'Grape' felt pretty blue to me. So i headed down to the Hilton store to check it out and found out it was actually purple. Even in the picture you can't really tell the true colour of the bag. Seriously bag stores should have white light so that customers can be sure of the colour of the bag that they are getting. 
Anyway, i fell in love. I was worried that i couldn't carry off the colour, purple is after all an unusual colour. The classic colours for Alexa would be oak and black but they didn't appeal to me. Why would i pay so much for something normal right? Besides, i was in a pop colour mood then (if you look carefully my hair was bright red with even brighter red highlights). 

I love the Alexa because it is casual and fun. It goes well with jeans, jumpsuits, shorts, dresses... practically everything i wear (not one to love formal dresses and events). She is always perfect with my Toms, which made things so much easier because i wear them everywhere. If you want a more girly look, carry her in the crook of your arm. 

 The plus point of the Alexa is that it is a great travel bag. It's roomy enough for essentials (passport, waterbottle, umbrella, guidebook, maps, wallet, phone, cam...). You can easily sling it on your shoulder or crossbody. The strap is really long, i usually double loop it so that it is easier too carry it, feels lighter that way too. 

So this is Alexa on her first trip. It was a short weekender to HK just for some food and shopping and meeting up with my gf! :)

Bestie in the world world! Us at Peninsula Hotel after our afternoon tea, me with my alexa and she with her chanel. Anyway the bag goes well with skirts too. Bestie approves of the bag, loves it in fact. :)) We have such great taste in bags. Headed off for more bag shopping and i went home with something new. :P

Here is S trying to model the bag. He claims that he can carry it off perfectly. Pardon the terrible picture, he is really bad at this. And that's me outside Mulberry. The bag earned many envious looks from the hk shoppers. Bet they were all wondering where i got this lovely purple. :)

A couple of months after the hk trip, i brought her with me to UK. She weathered the horrible London weather and the really depressing one in Edinburgh. This is the best part about calf leather, they can hold so well. The leather is really lovely; very thick and hardy. However, this is the case for this particular bag. Friends with the oak Alexa have complained about the leather, one even developed little holes in them over time. I don't know how that happened. Maybe the leather for oak is thinner or something but just make sure the quality is alright before you purchase. 

Lunch at the Hibiscus
And another couple of months later, she accompanied me to South Korea! I have really been utilizing this bag. Somehow the colour just goes well with almost everything. 
Know what the best part is? It was during the Club21 sale when i got the bag and it was a 20+ 10% discount and i only paid S$1.3k! Real steal right?! And guess what my dear readers, the sale is on right now. Yes you heard me. My friend just bought a Mulberry mini bayswater just a couple of days back. So head on right down, maybe you will still be able to get something you like this season. I love the eggplant colour on the bayswater satchel. It is a very similar style to the alexa and the eggplant is deep reddish purple. Very rich colour. That comes highly recommended, if it is still available :)))

Store Locations
Hilton Hotel
581 Orchard Road
Tel: +65 6304 1357

Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade 
#01-26, 328 North Bridge Road 
Tel: +65 6336 6977

Takashimaya Dept Store
#02-206, 391 Orchard Road
Tel: +65 6304 1372

I love scones (if you don't already know) and i've been on a search for the best scones in Singapore. Fosters has to be my benchmark for good scones. It is after all my first love. They say one could fall in love many times over, but the rush of the very first will always hold a special place in our hearts and that is the power F has over me.
Tucked in a corner at Holland V, this little cafe that serves English classics like steaks, ribs and pasta. I'm really not sure if the rest of the food is good because i only go there for their scones. My only comment on the other dishes is that they smell really good, especially that lobster bisque. Yums..
On a good day, the outdoor seating is not too bad. I reckon it would be nicer in the cooler evenings for a gathering with friends. I like that it is very casual and cosy. 

Fosters serves the cheapest high tea in Singapore. This is not the usual three-tiered high tea many hotels offer. What do you expect for a mere $10.90++? Here is Foster's explanation of the difference between afternoon tea and high tea. 
And this is what you get in the set- 2 scones, a toasted fruit cake (i love toasted goods. All things taste better toasted ie banana cakes. Swear by it!), 2 savory sandwiches and either tea/coffee. Sounds like a lot right? Well it is! I usually am satisfied after 1.5 scones but that's me. The rest of the stuff are just mediocre. If you don't want the rest, you can get the scones on their own. It's $2 or is it $2.50 for 1 but the minimum order is 3. Perfect for sharing. 
Just look at these babies! Extremely crunchy on the outside (i eat stuff for the texture, not just the taste alone. Other times purely for the texture. I'm weird that way.). Anyways, it's almost like a rock cake or a muffin top. Crunchy outside, buttery moist inside. Plus it's small, so the crunchy to moist ratio is just right. 

I love lacquering it with butter and the ones they provide are salted! Yay! So the butter goes on first, then a little of the whipped (no clotted cream here. What do you expect for this price right?). The whipped cream adds a tinge of sweetness which complements the butter. For those with a sweet tooth, have more of the jam. I'm no jam fan. 
The boy didn't understand my love for scones and tea till i brought him here and since then he has made several specific requests for tea dates. :)) I've taught him well. Heh. Good for me because i have another tea buddy. 

They do a takeaway service as well and we have packed these for picnics previously. Everything comes packed nicely with all the complements and cutlery too. Our friends have nothing but positive feedback for the scones. Make a reservation especially for the weekends because they tend to be packed for tea. 

If you love scones like i do, do share your favorite scone/tea place. :) You can also read about my other favorite scone place (Wild Honey) here!

277 Holland Avenue (Holland Village)
Tel: +65 6466 8939
Sun- Thu: 11am - 11pm
Fri- Sat: 11am - 1am
Tea: 3 - 6pm Daily
Sometimes there's no reason why we like or love something or someone. Love strikes us in the most bewildering manner and it doesn't make sense at all. Same goes for food. There are things that I like to eat not because of their taste but of an emotion associated with it, a time forgotten, a fleeting memory.

I like banana cakes because of the black squiggly stuff in it that looks like worms (because i'm weird this way). I like them toasted because I like the sound of the crunch when I bite into it. Besides, everything toasted tastes good. I like the moisture of a good banana cake because it's squishy in my mouth (and I like the sound of the word 'moist'). The taste is only secondary to the above.

So what do you like? Do you have an unexplainable craving or lust or love for something?
Wild Honey has got to be one of my favorite breakfast place in Singapore. I was first made to review the restaurant with the Stupidgirl when they just opened. That was when the Mandarin Gallery outlet was actually empty. I fell in love with the European (their version of Eggs Benny) the first time i tried it and all was history. Every other Eggs ben i tried, i compared it with WH's. And not many has met the mark or surpassed it.

It's been a long while since that first visit and WH got more and more popular and with that it got harder to get a table especially for weekend brunch. Which is why i'm really grateful that they opened a new branch at Scotts Square. And guess what? They take reservations here! YAY!

Took a new bunch of friends to WH (Scotts Square) for a farewell celebration and they could only accommodate the entire group on the veranda. Thank god for the perfect alfresco dining weather at 11 in the morning. Phew.

Now onto the food.

Wild Honey's version of Eggs Benedict. Two perfectly poached eggs, sauteed mushrooms and prosciutto on toasted homemade brioche and hollandaise sauce. This has to be my favorite dish of all time. I always end up ordering this even though i always say i wanna try something new. Boos. So it's best to go with a huge group of friends because i can convince them to try something else and i can always steal a bite! :)))) Anyway, i think that MG does it better? Somehow the bread is over toasted and was too crunchy. Pretty dry. :(
The Canadian - classic pancakes served with wild berry and hibiscus compote, Canadian maple syrup and bacon. I usually never order pancakes because i know that i'll be sick of the same taste after half a pancake. And i don't like WH's pancakes. It's really eggy and really boring. Nothing fantastic to say about it other than the bacon that accompanies it.

I would take the English only when i'm REALLY STARVING (i would be full halfway through). Then again, my national rugger friend ordered this before and he couldn't finish it (ok that was B on a bad day but it's still HUGE!). A classic full breakfast; creamy scrambled eggs, pork sausage, sauteed mushrooms, dad's baked beans, bacon and vine ripened tomato with toasted brioche.

The Tunisian is another one of more popular dish at WH. Sizzling pan of red pepper, onion and tomato concise (stew) studded with sliced chorizo sausage and crowned with two fried eggs- very Mediterranean. I don't really like a tomato based breakfast, then again that's me. Many people love it.

My American friend ordered the Californian (she wasn't from california). Eggs softly scrambled with tofu, yellow and red peppers, fresh herbs on char-grilled ciabatta. I would never order this dish because brunch is supposed to be a greasy and savory affair. Since i work out so much, i deserve myself a high calorie-artery clogging meal.

This is a Norwegian Eggs Benny. I didn't even know they had this. So the ham was replaced by the smoked salmon and the brioche replaced with a brown multigrain loaf. Asparagus included.

The Wild Mocha Dolce is my poison. This is intensely sweet but packs in some serious caffeine. I always get super high after drinking this. Friends know not to feed me with too much coffee/tea because i'd be bouncing off the walls.

I also love the scones at WH. For tea, i like to have their cranberry scone with a cuppa of hot mocha dolce. This has to be one of the better scones in town. I'd put it in the same category as Foster's (another of my favorite). I'm very particular about the texture and taste of scones and have been hunting down the best scones in SG. More on that soon. Anyway the exterior is crispy and the middle is dense and moist. I'll gently coat it with a thin layer of butter and sprinkle sea salt flakes on it- my very own version of salted butter (because WH doesn't provide salted ones). Yummy! And their fresh compote of berries to go with it. Perfecto.

I would be hanging out at the SS branch more often for the following reasons

1. Wider desserts selection

According to the manager, the kitchen at SS is 3 times bigger than that at MG. Therefore, more space to make pastries! I tried the sour cherry strudel when i was there recently (not fantastic) and they also have more tea cakes and stuff. :) I'll be sure to try more desserts soon.

2. More breathing space! I always felt that the MG store was really claustrophobic! In fact, the entire MG feels that way. I feel like i can easily touch the ceiling (ok i exaggerate). Also, because of the small size of the place, i do feel like i can't stay on for too long even though i just wanna chill out with my book sometimes. Scotts is more airy and there's more natural light hence the relaxed ambience.

So if you haven't tried WH (quite impossible IMO), do head on down. All day breakfast means that you never have to wake up early! As for me, ADB FTW!

6 Scotts Road, 3rd Floor
Scotts Square
Tel: +65 6636 1816

Mandarin Gallery, #03-02
Orchard Road, Singapore
(No reservations)

Weekdays: 9am - 10.30pm
Weekends: 8am - 10.30pm