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There is a new buffet option for you island-life loving folks! Latest Recipe at the newly refurbished Le Meridien Hotel Sentosa has launched their Taste of Discovery Buffet: Seafood and Singapore Flavours. Available for dinner on Fridays and Saturdays, this Singaporean-themed buffet is looking to entice your tastebuds and excite your palate.
I always zoom in on the seafood at buffets- but the selection here is somewhat limited when compared to other buffets in town with sashimi being screamingly absent (no, sushi does not replace sashimi) but they do make up for it with the freshly shucked and tasty oysters and sweet emerald prawns.
There is also a selection of Asian-influenced salads including Thai glass noodles salad, Masala chick pea salad and Vietnamese cabbage salad with beef. But honestly, who comes to a buffet to eat salads? Instead I would focus your attention on the DIY Singapore Rojak station where you can customize and toss your own rojak (yes, you can make an all-youtiao rojak if that is your rojak fantasy!). There is even finely chopped rojak flower, how thoughtful is that! Or perhaps bites of grilled satay, deep fried beancurd rolls, otak neatly presented in bite-sized parcels, and deep fried egg floss with beancurd cubes?
The roast station also caught our attention! Just look at the glistening skins of those meats! The roast duck was our favourite of the lot- the meat was moist and tender while the skin was crispy!
If you love black pepper and also smelling like that, then snag a table near  the Char Kway Teow live station. It tastes like a full on carb version of a black pepper crab dish, sans crab. Well I prefer my Char Kway Teow the usual fashion :P 
As part of the buffet, all adult diners are also entitled to one serving of the restaurant’s specially created dishes. You may choose either the Baked lobster with Hollandaise, Black pepper lobster or the pan fried foie gras with dark cherry compote. The lobster with Hollandaise did taste more like lobster with mayonnaise (and that is always a good idea) but definitely have the punchy black pepper gravy crustacean. Or perhaps a chilli flower crab with mantous if you must have more seafood.
Reflective of the multicultural heritage we are so proud of, other dishes include tandoori chicken, Mattar paneer, Indian lamb curry with spinach and beef rendang.
Remember to save some space for desserts! There was a fairly comprehensive selection of Asian-influenced desserts including Pulut hitam, Nyonya kueh, pandan chiffon cake as well as a Chendol station and a selection of cakes and tropical panna cotta. Chendol tip: ask for less ice and more gula Melaka and coconut milk because that’s the soul of any good chendol!!
We really liked the Pandan Kaya éclairs, as well as the Raspberry coconut ones. These choux pastries were light and a good way to round up the meal! We implore you to make space for some of that American cheesecake (that little mound of a piece of crunchy biscuit) because unlike other hotel cheesecakes, this was surprisingly light yet tasty!

Overall, the Taste of Discovery Buffet: Seafood and Singapore Flavours at Le Meridien Sentosa is definitely an option to consider if you happen to be on Sentosa island, be it for a staycation, showing off your beach bodies or just catching pokemons. Available Fridays and Saturdays for dinner, the buffet is priced at $65 for adults and $29 for children and Starwood members enjoy 25% off.

Latest Recipe
Le Meridien Singapore, Sentosa
23 Beach View Singapore 098679

It is no longer news that PUTIEN has now a Michelin Star to its name and expectations of the restaurant might have risen. With its emphasis on simple traditional food, authentic flavours that often leave many in nostalgia, we would expect the mooncakes offered during Mid-Autumn Festival to offer the same profile.
How much more traditional can it be when you have mooncakes that follow the recipe of a home baker who makes it a tradition to bake them every Mid-Autumn Festival? Named after Madam Leng Ah Eng, the longest serving stalwart in PUTIEN who makes mooncakes for her colleagues and regular patrons during Mid-Autumn Festival every year, Madam Leng Handmade Mooncakes (蓮姐酥皮月餅) are now available at PUTIEN. Although it is impossible for her to handmade every mooncake sold at the restaurant, you can be certain she does daily tasting to ensure that the mooncakes are made to her original standards.
There are two flavours for Madam Leng Handmade Mooncakes (蓮姐酥皮月餅)Yam ($48/box of 4; $12/pc) and Purple Sweet Potato ($52/box of 4; $13/pc). Having fewer options is wise when both are delicious. “食材有來頭,一咬就露餡”. Just look at the golden crispy layers and generous serving of yam and purple sweet potato! Every bite is a mouthful of happiness. Made from Thailand’s premium taro and Japan’s first grade purple sweet potato, you can be assured that the flavours of the tubers deliver. No flour is added to the filling to ensure the richness of the flavours. I love the mooncakes as the level of sweetness—just enough to highlight the flavours— is spot on. Give me a pot of tea and I can finish a mooncake.

Also available are Yam with s/ Yolk ($54/box of 4; $13.50/pc) and Purple Sweet Potato with s/ Yolk ($58/box of 4; $14.50/pc) if having salted egg yolk mooncakes is a must. Do note that no additives or preservatives are added, thus, the mooncakes are made daily and sold on the same day. They can be kept for three days to ensure freshness, although you can be sure they will not be sitting on your table for long.

A taste of tradition is indeed gratifying.

PUTIEN Kitchener Road
127 Kitchener Road,
Singapore 208514
Tel: +65 6295 6358
If there's a coffee chain that you have to visit, make it Costa. Yes I've heard how terrible their UK version is but trust me, the Singapore version is 👍🏻 (no they are not paying me to say this). I've always enjoyed their muffins and especially their relatively new Corto Classic (a super strong creamy blend of espressos). With the opening of their newest flagship Costa269 at Holland Village, we now get to enjoy proper cafe food from their hot kitchen. And HELLO all day brunch! 
The menu features a combination of British inspired flavours and classic breakfast favourites. Every order is made fresh-on-demand and designed to complement Costa’s range of handcrafted coffees. Their headliner is the Croffle, which is a crispy, flakey, buttery waffle-pressed croissant and I found it quite the perfect base for desserts even!
First, savory maybe? The Morning Croffle ($14) is served with slices of turkey ham, sautéed button and swiss brown mushrooms and scrambled eggs . The eggs are decent, but could be more moist, less firm. There's also the typically British Fry up version- The Great Croffle Fry-Up ($17) which has the option of a beef sausage made from ground beef, tomatoes and onion (which was a tad too powdery and mushy for me though the flavor is quite decent).
IMO, the croffle worked the best in the sweet version- the Very Berry Croffle ($11)! The croffles are served with a choice of salted caramel, chocolate or vanilla ice cream and topped with sliced strawberries and blueberries dusted with icing sugar. GO WITH SALTED CARAMEL! It's a tad sweet but that saltiness goes so well with that buttery and chewy center of the croissant.
Embarking on an extended trip and foreseeing that you'll miss a proper Chinese meal? Well fret not! Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant has opened at Changi Airport Terminal 2 and you can enjoy a full Chinese meal (or banquet if you must) before your flight. 
The contemporary restaurant seats 180 diners, with three private rooms, perfect for that business lunch or a raucous family gathering. Pick from the a la carte dishes for individuals or communal dining, or go with the easy set lunches/dinners starting from $44/pax. 
Start with the Roasted Pork Cube ($12.80/por) with a crispy TOP and nice firm meat. The char siew ($11.80/por) is the salty bean-ish sort with a balanced sweetness and light sticky char. I enjoyed the solid meat texture but my dining companions thought the meat could be more juicy. Well, our meat craving was certainly satisfied with the Traditional Roasted London Duck ($35.80/$68) which is a must order in our opinion. The succulent meat was well marinated with Chinese spices and that thin crispy skin with a thin layer of rendered fats.. GLORIOUS. I would pay $18.80 for a small portion of this even if I were to dine alone. 
Bonjour La Semaine Franҫaise! So excited that you have finally been conceived! Supported by The French Ministry of Agriculture, Sopexa and DiningCity, La Semaine Franҫaise promises you a week of French classic and fusion gastronomy.
From 10 -17 September, enjoy specially crafted menus from participating restaurants such as Olivia Cassivelaun Fancourt (OCF), Lewin Terrace, Violet Herbs and Restaurant Absinthe. 3-course lunch goes at $40++ while dinner is an easy $58++. Charcuterie and a complimentary glass of French Red or White wine is served with each lunch or dinner set menu ordered.
The Disgruntled Chef
Do you need any more reasons to book a table? I think not.

Hop on to to make a your reservation(s) now. The full list of restaurants and other information is also available at the url.

Bon appetit!

I'm sure we are all familiar with the idea of Japanese Omakase, but how about an European one? Over at Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan on Tras Street, the menu is surprising every night, for every guest. A menu of the freshest, seasonal produce, is provided for you. 
Food Bingo? COUNT ME IN. Guests are provided with a list of ingredients that changes every couple of weeks. Simply cross out the ingredients that you do not like, and Chef Stephan Zoisl and his creative partner, Lorenz Raich, will whip out something based on that. New recipes guaranteed every time you dine here! Not only do you get to explore the option kitchen, the chefs also serve and explain every dish that they create for a truly interactive and intimate dining experience. 

Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan offers three menus, 4, 6, or 8 courses ($98/128/150 per pax). I'd recommend that you go with the 6 course unless you're a big eater. 
Cured Mackerel
A refreshing start to our meal. The dish consists smokey mackerel, balanced with a tangy apple gel, puffed tapioca crisps, bronze fennel, fishy oyster leaves, pickled cucumber and basil oil. Careful of those fishy oyster leaves, they are stronger than the fish itself! 
The party was started proper with the Lobster Bisque. This intense aroma of this smoky umami broth reached us before the dish was presented and by then we were drooling. The smooth cream was paired with shards of crab meat and grilled octopus tentacles, with bursts of sweetness from the peas (shoots and blossoms included too). 
Looking to have a great piece of steak without breaking the bank? Then it has to be SKIRT at W Hotel at Sentosa Cove for you. Every Mon to Thu, enjoy the new Route 88 menu which consists a 3 course signature steak dinner for only $88. 
Well of course there are other options for your mains such as pork, lamb, or fish, and vegetarian as well. But hello.. You did not go to SKIRT for that did you? 
Bread is a highlight here! The finishing charcoal grill yields a crusty blemished exterior which gives way to a fluffy pillowy inside. This loaf came with a creamy artichoke purée and a lightly spiced chorizo oil! Yes.. We asked for butter anyway because BUTTER.
No time to spare but need a quick beauty fix? Pop over to one of the conveniently located PPP Laser Clinics for a quick treatment to revitalize your skin for a clearer and more radiant complexion. PPP Clinic's panel of qualified and accredited Doctors does medical aesthetic treatments focusing on the use of low dosage laser to minimise downtime and maximize results. 
I recently tried their newly launched 360 Solution treatment that consists 5 steps to improve Color, Consistency, and Contour of your face.
It is easy to be overwhelmed by the trademark ‘ma la’ (麻辣 i.e. spicy and tongue-numbing) aspect of Sichuan cuisine, especially made popular by Chinese hotpot chains (yes HDL I love you).. BUT BUT BUT.. Did you know there are more than 20 different unique flavors in Sichuan cuisine? Well.. Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant – the pioneer of Sichuan cuisine in Singapore - intends to educate you on all of that with their à la carte buffet showcasing 100 authentic Sichuan dishes. 
Fear not, while the core ingredients of a Sichuan dish may comprise chili and peppercorn, the differing proportions of the spices or the cooking techniques will differentiate one dish from another. We were dazzled by the immense breadth of flavors (they split it into 26 flavors and dishes are listed under the flavors)- Chili Oil; Garlic & Chili; Tomato; Sweet Sour; Sesame; Sichuan Minced Pepper; Sichuan Pepper and Minced Spring Onion; Strange-flavored; Spicy Sour; Ma La; Vinegar; Sweet Bean; Chinese Rice Wine; Homemade Spicy Sichuan Bean paste; Regular Bean Paste; Sweet Salty; Mustard; Lychee; Garlic Chili with Fish sauce; Sichuan Pepper; Plum; 5 Spices; Salty; Onion Oil; Ginger; and Sweet. 
Thankfully, the dishes are all of tasting portions, suitable for sharing between 3-4pax. Before you go crazy on your orders, i'd say that 20-25 dishes will be good for your party of 4. That means at least 3-4 visits before you can complete all the dishes! Well.. we tried 55 in 1 seating (there were about 14 of us). Having tried all the flavors and half the dishes, here are some of our favorites!
Love beef? Then head over to 10 at Claymore at Pan Pacific Orchard for their Omi Wagyu Beef from Shiga prefecture, Japanb, only available for the month of August and September. This is enjoyed alongside their small but quality buffet. 
Look at that gorgeous marbling!! 
Yes it looks the same as advertised! As part of the themed buffet, savour the rich flavour and unique tenderness of this exquisite cut of beef (1 serving/pax), served with a pot of specially prepared soup broth, cooked by you in shabu-shabu style; or have it grilled (we found this too oily and bland though). I