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Bag Review: MyBags- Mulberry Sister Bags

By Thursday, April 19, 2012

The idea of friendship has been redefined with the rise of social media networks. Gone were the days when we used to categorize people we actually know into lists on autograph book (pardon primary school kids of the past). Today we add random acquaintance onto FaceBook and call them our friends when perhaps and most likely, don't even communicate with us. (No, reading status updates does not constitute communication). Back then we actually have 1 Best friend (Duh, isn't that what Best represents?) These days, we call everyone our BFFs (plural?!!). 

I'm guilty of all of the above. After all, friendship changes as we grow. I would say that at any 1 point in time, we may find 1 person (if you are lucky) who is the perfect friend. The one who has the same interests, likings, taste, thoughts, and understands everything you do. That person would be your best friend at that time (for as long as it is till you grow apart). I'm glad to have met friends like that.

That said, there are those friends who will always remain special in your heart, regardless of the distance and space between you. They are the constant. The special ones whom you have shared memories, secrets and inside jokes even telepathic conversations with. By now you must be wondering how does this relate to the title of the post. Let me explain. 
After i bought my Mulberry Grape Alexa (AW2010) (Read about it here), i brought it on a holiday in Hong Kong (Spring 2011). I also met up with my beloved friend Olivia, whom i have been friends with since we were 9. She is exactly one of those rare special friends that i've described above. Despite studying, working and living in 2 different countries for 9 years, she is still my evil twin (we always accumulate bad karma when we meet up ;)) That was when I introduced her to the world of Mulberry with my Alexa (she is such the classic Chanel girl) and she fell in love (we have such similarly good taste). I believe that was also when i planted bagaholistic thoughts in her head and exposed to her a world of limitless possibilities (of bag choices. haha). So she began the hunt for a perfect Alexa. In the end, i found the perfect option for her which is the Buckle Satchel in Eggplant (AW2011).
I was in love with the colour when i first saw it at the stores. It's a nice deep burgundy/maroon which i would have gotten if 1. I don't already have an Alexa and 2. If the shade isn't too in between my Mulberry Grape and Balenciaga Pourpre. Furthermore, the pebbled lambskin is so buttery soft and squishy and you know how i love my pebbling (a la AW Rocco and YSL Easy). It took her some time to convince herself that this is the bag (she wanted to get the Cabbage Alexa?!!) and now it's her most loved bag. So yup, sister bags for the separated at birth sisters!

Now onto the bags. The 2 look almost alike. Postman's lock, braided handle, 2 buckle straps and a belted shoulder strap that's way too long for petite Asian girls like us. We doubleloop ours for a more ladylike look. It becomes a shorter shoulder bag that makes for easy reach for our phones and stuff in the bag. The subtle differences lie in the detailing and finishing such as the full metal buckles and glossy shine finishing for the embellishments. The side hooks are also a little different, the Buckle's being a little bigger. Alexa uses a soft buffalo skin while the latter is a Nappa leather in lambskin. Overall, Alexa is a little more street style while the Bucket Satchel is more ladylike. Kinda like the 2 of us. :)

Since i'm on the topic of Mulberry satchels, i've noticed that with the birth and success of the Alexa, Mulberry has been rehashing (more than reinventing) the iconic satchel look and i wouldn't say it's particularly exciting me. Here are some of the spin offs.

Bayswater Satchel

Now this is the miniature version of the iconic Bayswater style. Poacher style straps with stud closures and cross body straps. I hardly see any modifications to the original. Plus i'm not liking the stiff handles that stick out from the main body. I foresee they would probably get in the way when i sling the bag over my shoulders. If i want a Bayswater, i'd just get that and not this. Though i must say i love this Nightshade blue shade with rose gold hardware. I would say this is more of a work satchel (that is if a satchel is office wear appropriate).

Tillie Satchel

Now this is one weirdly shaped bag. The D ring in the middle is quite purposeless though the trompe l'oeil buckle detailing is quite cute. Not digging the shape or style but exotic skins? Anytime. This is ostrich btw.

Postman's Lock Satchel (Edie)
The simpler Postman's lock satchel is the exact shape and design as its predecessor Edie. I don't get why they renamed it. The Postman is a lot slouchier ie. more shapeless as compared to the other satchels. I prefer my bags with a little more structure. This Beige shade will make a nice addition to any Pastel collection and it is so in this season. I sure wouldn't mind this neutral.

Travel Day Bag

The latest variation is the Travel Day Bag which takes the heritage satchel shape but gives it a twist with a metal luggage tag inspired plaque in front and metal tipped embellishments on both sides of the bag. I think all the metal tags around is quite redundant and boy that would add a lot more weight to the already heavy bag. I'm already complaining about the weight of my Alexa as it is, can't imagine how this would feel on my shoulders after a long day.

So yeap, that's my take on most of the Mulberry satchels. Alexa remains my favorite out of the lot and it has become one of Mulberry's icon in such a short span of time. Love the Buckle too but it hasn't been featured after 2011. So Olivia is one lucky girl, that's practically a limited edition. :P

This post is dedicated to my evil twin Dr. Olivia Tan. Welcome to the land of pretty bags and clutches. I'm glad you love your Mulberry as i love mine. To everlasting friendship and bagaholism! :))

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  1. hello, may i know how much were the Mulberry Grape Alexa and Buckle Satchel in Eggplant? :P can you recommend an online site where i can buy the bags from?

  2. Also some sites like these 2 below are selling the bags are about S$200-$320 while net-a-porter is selling it for about S$1500. Do you think it's advisable to buy from these discounted sites? Are they imitations? Thanks much!

    1. Hi, I think it's guaranteed that those bags are imitations. You will never get the real deal at such prices EVER. At least the 2nd site is honest about the bags being fakes (Note "Quality: Grade AAAAA+"). Never buy anything from websites claiming to be "Outlets". Authentic Factory Outlet stores also do not have their own websites. Factory Outlet prices (those in US or UK) would never be marked down by so much as well.

      When checking the authenticity of the website, make sure it's always the root domain e.g. instead of I have some reputable store listings under the "Shop" Tab, do check them out.

      To answer the question on the prices, the range is about S$1.5-2k depending on the size and model. The Buckle Satchel is not available currently.

      Hope that answers your queries! :)

    2. Thanks for the advice! Just bought a Bayswater from Reebonz! The small Bayswater that I've been coveting happened to be on the sale event yesterday and I bought the last piece! Now I can't wait for it to arrive! :):):) Gosh online bag shopping is so addictive. :( Reebonz has opened a physical shop at Clifford Centre and they're having a sale next week. I want to check it out!

      There's another US-based site which claims theirs to be authentic but I'm wary. Bought the bag from Reebonz cuz you endorse it :P and also since it's based in Singapore it'd easily to verify with them if anything is amiss.

    3. Cool! I haven't bought any bags online though i'm usually looking. Like to see and feel it before i get them. Enjoy your new bag! :)

  3. Hi! I am desperately looking for the Buckle Satchel in Eggplant (AW2011) you have any idea if I can get a hold of it anywhere? Hope you can help me, I will be so grateful!!! Thanks :)

    1. Tough luck babe. You gotta try those resale sites maybe? Sorry!