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If your instagram, twitter or Facebook feed haven't been taken over by droolicious food pictures from SAVOUR 2014 yet, well, here's some (more) food porn from the annual gourmet food festival. Held from 5 to 9 March 2014 at the new location of The Promontory @ Marina Bay, SAVOUR is back with more Michelin-starred chefs, award winning restaurants, culinary activities and international food producers.

The highlight of the event was certainly the Gourmet Village for me, since i can't cook for nuts and thus demonstrations are wasted on me. I picked my dishes based on the mood of my tummy. I don't quite consider where the chefs hail from or their background. I only care if the food is good. Oh and i'd forgo the restaurants that i've visited. 
We started with desserts first because that was the first thing that greeted us. Oxwell & Co's Valrhona Chocolate Pot with fresh cream and homemade honeycomb gave us the smooth and sweet start to our night. I loved the slightly bitter mouse with the airy light sweetness of the honeycomb. Lovely.
Well i can't believe i haven't visited The Disgruntled Chef till now. Well, after sampling Chef Daniel Sia's food at SAVOUR, i'm sure i'd be back for more. The Braised Pork Cheeks with Miso Daikon and Mousseline Potatoes hit all the umami notes. The meat fell easily and i loved how the daikon had soaked up all that delicious stew.
So we went back for a second dish, the Crispy Lamb Short ribs with cumin and mint yoghurt. I liked the spices but we found the ribs to be too fatty. More yoghurt will be great to balance out the dryness.
We decided to go with the Tatin De Boudin Noir Aux Pommes by Chef Christophe Paucod from Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais, Japan. Not for the faint hearted or uninitiated, this is their house made Blood Pork Sausage with Apples, Tatin's Tart style. Well the sausage isn't as dense as the Scottish Haggis (which i love). It had more of a powdery pate texture and it's really savory (aka salty). Interesting pairing with the slightly acidic apple slices. My advice is not to have this as an individual main course. S and i only got through half of it because it was too much.
Chef Alvin Leung from Bo Innovation Hong Kong is a SAVOUR favorite. I didn't get a go at the molecular Xiao Long Bao last year so i had to this time round. We also ordered the Lap Mei Fan, a foie gras foam, rose wine jelly and crispy rice pops dish.
Well, i guess i can conclude that i'm not that into molecular gastronomy. The XLB broth was delicious (though a little sour) but why would i only want to taste the flavors without getting the real texture of the dish? The lap mei fan just didn't live up to my expectations. Now can i have the real XLB and claypot rice?
I quite enjoyed the Linguine Crab & Nduja by &SONS, the bold Italian Bacaro, but it's a little on the oily side. Do not miss out on the home cured Salami platter with Soprassata Veneta, Salame Dolce and Salame Piccante. Perfect beer or wine food! Will definitely check them out at the China Square outlet.
If you still aren't quite satisfied at the end of your meal and need something really filling and comfort-food-ish, grab the gourmet Bubbledogs. The 4th of July is every bit the sodium and fat packed hot dog (i meant it in a good way) that will satisfy any cravings.

There are many other notable restaurants and dishes like Mikuni (Kanpachi Truffle Soya and Braised Short Rib), JAAN (Organic Egg), La Cantine (because Bruno is awesome), Kiin Kiin (Frozen Red Curry)... So yeah.. don't miss out.

If you are inspired by all the delicious dishes and wanna give it a go at honing your culinary skills, head on to Tools of the Trade (ToTT) to pick up some toys. This is the first time SAVOUR is presenting a cookware retail section since its debut in 2012. Don't know what to get? Check out the products by interacting with the QR Code shopping wall or browse products at the iPad station. Live product demonstrations are also available.

ToTT is offering free delivery with just $80 worth of purchase at the SAVOUR ToTT's booth via instead of the usual $200 spending requirement! Free ToTT Home Chef membership is also available and new sign ups can stand a chance to win exciting prizes including a SousVide Supreme Demi in a lucky draw.

Well if you are tempted by the offerings available, SAVOUR is still on for the weekend! Check out their website for more information and start planning your menu. ;)

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