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Volvo S60 D2 Review

By Thursday, May 22, 2014 ,

Say hello to the sexy Volvo S60 1.6L D2, my weekend ride. Well i had fun last year driving V40 T4 R (read review here) and the sweet Volvo folks got me back in to test the diesel version of the S60. S and i (ok just S) have driven diesel cars on our travels and it's really more fuel efficient than petrol.

I think there's a misconception that diesel creates more pollution but with technological advancement, it could be cleaner than petrol. The S60 D2 engine has a CO2 emission of 114 g/km, enjoying the Carbon Emission Vehicle Scheme (CEVS) rebate of $15,000, the highest in its class. As a result, there is also better fuel consumption at 4.3litres/100km.

The Volvo S60 is sculpted and it could be modified for a sportier design (as compared to our boring black). The engine produces 115 bhp and 270 Nm of torque and is turbo-charged.

So how does it drive? Well the engine rumbles a fair bit at lower speeds and felt sluggish too. The gear changes are also not that smooth. However when the turbo kicks in at the higher speeds, the drive becomes a lot better. The stability at past 100km/h felt more like a 2000cc car. Well i guess it's made for speed. ;)

I always feel safe in the Volvo because of its attention to safety features. They've included the groundbreaking Pedestrian Detection system and also the city safety system. New systems such as Road Sign Information, Active High Beam and Tunnel Detection can also be added on. We tested the brakes on wet road and it didn't lock on e-brake.
The interior is lavish in terms of its driver-oriented details, but it is still a five-seater offering comfortable space for all its occupants. I tested out the seats at the back and they cocoon the passengers in a good way.

All information such as the trip statistics display is presented on a seven-inch colour screen in the upper part of the centre stack. The screen is positioned high up to make it easy for the driver to keep his or hers eyes on the road. All the functions can be also controlled via buttons built into the steering wheel or via touch buttons located just below the colour screen. Like with the V40, there's also the hands-free bluetooth function.

So yea, yet another fun ride with Volvo. Thanks for inviting me to test the car! The D2 engine is also available in the Volvo S80, V40 Cross Country and V60.

Head on down to their showroom for a test drive this weekend. :)

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