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Taratata Bistrot

By Monday, June 09, 2014 , , , ,

Taratata Bistrot is a charming little French restaurant along Keong Saik Road which I've been meaning to try for sometime. I finally made time for it when i saw that it was on the Restaurant Week listing (yes i'm slow in updating) and it was only $25 for a 3 course meal. The prices are very reasonable even if you didn't make the RW bookings though.
We were served starters from their regular menu, which is a good thing i feel. I hate it when restaurants serve a completely different (usually substandard) menu for RW. That kinda deters repeat visits especially if the food sucks.

The Half Dozen of Snails Baked in Herbed Garlic Butter ($25). I found the escargots to be succulent and well flavored with garlic herbs. 

The Baked Eggs Casserole with Duck Gizzard Confit and Mushrooms ($24) had nice runny eggs that are best soaked up with the delicious baguette Taratata serves. Generous pieces of foie gras were swimming in the eggs but i thought they would be better seared first before thrown into the ramekin.
Even though the mains were not from the regular menu, we were very happy with our dishes. The Salmon Coulibiac with Watercress Butter Sauce was lovely! The puff pastry was buttery and flaky and the salmon was cooked to a nice pink. 

The Pan Roasted Kurobuta Pork Tenderloin with Mustard sauce was done simply to allow diners a taste of the tender and non fatty meat. It's the first time i thought that pork could taste so clean and healthy. K thought it was a little too bland though.
Dessert was the highlight of the meal! The Baked Chocolate Tart with Crisp, Caramel sauce and Ginger bread ice cream was out of this world. The crunchy tart held the intense chocolate lava and the pastry skin twirl made us twirly whirly in our seats as we devoured the dish without speaking (but we did make a lot of oooohs and aaaahhhhs. God they need to put this on their menu.
Service was attentive and quick, maybe because they wanted us out fast for their second lunch service. If you're up for some quick lunch, Taratata Bistrot does a 40 minutes Lunch Express at $25 which includes a soup and a main course. 
For a more leisurely lunch, there's the $30 2-course set lunch and they also serve a 3 course set meal for $38. I'd recommend Taratata Bistrot for a charming and affordable French meal.

Taratata Bistrot
35A Keong Saik Road Singapore 089142
Tel: +65 6221 4506
Wed-Fri, Sun Lunch: 11.30am - 2.30pm
Tue- Sun Dinner: 5.30pm - 11pm
Closed Mon

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