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Anti:dote Drinks and Tapas

By Friday, August 29, 2014 , , , ,

Hotel bars are getting a revamp these days (finally) and we headed to Anti:dote for their innovative tapas and reinterpreted classic cocktails crafted with premium spirits and house made bitters, liqueurs and sodas.

The bar is now helmed by Tom Hogan, previously from Bernard’s Bar at Chicago’s Waldorf Astoria, and his partner in crime Bannie Kang, from City Square in SwissĂ´tel.

Anti:dote’s cocktail menu offers ten mixed drinks ($23), each classified by its potency and refreshing flavor. These drinks are made from artisanal pours of rum, vodka, rye whisky and gin balanced with fruits and spices, mostly of which from the hotel's own garden.
Corpse Reviver #2 with level 4 potency and refreshingness. This would revive any corpse. 
A seemingly healthy drink with beet, rosemary, honey, lemon and tequila- Blood of Dillinger
Refreshing seemed to be the theme of the night as my friends all went for fruity and sweet. Here's the citrusy Remedy and Treat of Kings
There are about 24 items from the Tapas menu which is served till 10.30pm. We were fortunate to make the last order!
The Crisp parmesan pizza ($12) is a must order at Anti:dote. This minute cracker is made of paemesan crust with dollops of flavorful pesto and powdered tomato as its based. Topping it off, you have the olive oil caviar, melty cheese snow and micro basil. Hearty pizza flavors in a small bite. Lovely! 
Crisp anchovy sticks with garlic aioli ($8) are the perfect snack to go with drinks and by that i mean cider but cocktails can do too! I love the salty and buttery puff sticks and also that strong and pungent garlic aioli.

Have you seen a huge gua zi before? Well here it is and it's spiced and sugared.
The Caramelised foie gras and vinegar glazed leeks on crisp puff pastry ($18) were little sweet morsels, kinda too sweet for my liking and there was quite a fair bit of leek/onion glaze. I could do with a slightly more seared/cooked foie gras but that's a personal preference.
We could smell the Black Truffle Bao ($20) before we could see them. For a hotel bar, i must say the bao (Steamed Bun) skin was done very nicely and it had a nice fluffy bounce to it. 
It was nice seeing sliced Perigord black truffle but somehow the taste of the truffle didn't come through. Perhaps it was the strong flavors of the veal cheek and caramelized shallot with Madeira that overpowered it. The foie gras in the bao might as well have been a piece of tofu because it didn't give the bun any flavor at all.  
We would have gone for more items if we weren't so stuffed. Other must tries are the 2-hour braised short rib ($18), clam sphere ($14) and the Paleta iberico de bellota done tomato shabu shabu style ($18).

80 Bras Basah Road, Fairmont Level 1, Singapore 189560
+65 6431 5315
Daily: 7.30am - 2am 
Bar: 5pm - 2am

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