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Restaurant Week 2014 Singapore

By Wednesday, September 17, 2014 , , , ,

Restaurant Week is gonna be back from October 25th to 2nd November 2014. The 9th edition is something special as DiningCity is introducing its first ever Kids Restaurant Weekend for the first time on 18-19 Oct. Yes the kiddos get a preview and parents who bring them will also get a first taste if they bring their kids that weekend. 
Well, for the regular folks without the kiddies, this RW is all set to take you on An Experiential Journey Through Chocolate as each restaurant will be featuring an inventive use of chocolate in their RW menu. Chocolate Beef Cheek Ravioli anyone? 

Here's highlighting some dishes we tried on our RW preview. First stop, Bacchanalia.
Head Chef Ivan Brehm served us a Cauliflower Gratin. It doesn't look much but the deep fried cauliflower florets were crispy puffs that was lightly crunchy and slightly chewy after soaking in the white truffle and cheese foam. The gremolata added some light refreshing fragrance to the dish.
We were then chauferred to our next stop, Amarone at Capital Tower. I always walk past it because my dentist is in the same building but I've not had time to head in for a proper meal. 
Chef Domenico Cioconi served us the Brazino alla Siciliana, a grilled sea bass with Sicilian dressing, cherry tomatoes, capers and olives.

Well the dish was decent, considering how I'm not a fish fan. The Sicilian dressing was by robust and tangy, which I liked, but the fish was good on its own. We just thought it strange for them to highlight a fish dish as it's not typical of an Italian restaurant.

We ended the night at Hilton Hotel's rooftop restaurant Il Cielo. This certainly has been a hidden gem in town! Desserts/drinks with a view anyone?
We had the Dolce Ponce, a bittersweet chocolate dessert of coffee froth, rich chocolate and rum mousse with a crunchy sugar cane crumble at the bottom. The flavors were rich but the texture wasn't quite. I'm not quite used to a room temperature dessert so this took me by surprise. I still don't know how to make of this. However, the lunch and dinner menu for RW do look interesting enough for a return visit. 

With over 100 restaurants and more establishments coming on board, I believe I would be giving RW a shot again this time. Priority Bookings will be offered to American Express Card Members from 22 September 2014 and booking for the public will open from 27 September so watch out for the e-mailers! Catch you guys around!

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