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The St Regis Singapore Christmas Dining

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Tis the season to be jolly! Yes it's almost Christmas and we need something to look forward to! So if you are cracking your head planning for a indulgent Christmas meal, I'm going to present to you the options available at The St. Regis Singapore by doing a French v.s. Italian showdown of Brasserie Les Saveurs and LaBrezza!

Brasserie Les Saveurs Trio of Appetisers.

Well this trio was too pretty to be eaten and they were delicate in flavors as well. The Avruga Pearl with Poached Hokkaido Scallop was my favorite. I didn't think much of the Pan seared Wagyu Beef Tenderloin with Parmesan Espuma though some of my dining companions would disagree. Foam doesn't excite me much and this didn't add any flavor as well. The King Prawn Tempura would be defeated by those from any decent Japanese restaurant. Batter was on the thick side and it kinda lost its crispiness.
Roasted Duck Breast and Duck Leg Confit was one of the standout dishes of the night. The duck was flamed with Grand Marnier and served with Winter Truffle Potato Puree which was waaaaay rich and creamy. It also came with steamed Bok Choy and House-smoked foie gras which tasted like smoked herbed cheese.

Now from La Brezza.
Italian Antipasti Selection of San Daniele Ham with Melon and Preserved Capsicum. The ham had a sashimi kind of texture which was softer and chewier. I preferred the regular proscuitto which is drier. Also, preserved capsicum just isn't my thing. The Veal Liver Pate was so-so as it was lacking in the umami creaminess. The Smoked Salmon and Mascarpone stack was my favorite of the lot, the only missing piece was an NYC bagel.
Homemade Cannelloni with Boston Lobster, Bottarga and Porcini Mushrooms, served with King Crab sauce was another of my favorites. Lightly salty Bottarga, slightly dry lobster chunks in an otherwise creamy filling in a thin and crispy pasta shell. That crab sauce made up for that mishap though because of that umami seafood flavors.

Based on the appetizers and mains that i sampled, i thought Brasserie Les Saveurs did better mainly because of the duck. The ambience at Brasserie would certainly be perfect for Christmas dinner but don't write off LaBrezza because of that.

The dessert selection was from Brasserie and as usual, they were delicately crafted. The Frozen Iced Nougat and Crispy Wafer with 70% Amedei Savarin made me forget that i was trying to control my portions. Yes i left the plate really clean. If you like chocolate, you'd go ga ga over this one.
And here is my favorite Homemade Christmas Stollen with Dried Tropical Fruit. Don't ask, just order this.
If you're planning on throwing a Christmas party, make sure you take away the lovely Honey-glazed Gammon Ham with buttered vegetables, apple and cinnamon compote, mash potato and honey pineapple sauce.

The meat was intensely salted and cured and the flavors came through even though we sampled mere silvers of meat. That honey pineapple sauce was lightly tangy and refreshing and i love the sides of roasted vegetables. Other than savory items, you could also take away cookies, Log cakes and hampers for gifting!

For more information on the festive Christmas and New Year menus, do check out

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