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Salt grill and Sky bar Festive Dining 2014

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Since Christmas and New Year are so close to each other and you're probably worrying about both meals, here's highlighting the Christmas and New Year's Eve Dinner Menu at Salt Grill and Sky Bar Singapore

Start dinner off with a G.H Mumm Champagne ($98++/bottle; $55++/half bottle).
The Amuse Bouche of Coconut broth with Sydney spice. Just like i remembered it to be, this kaffir lime coconut broth is so very Thai. Mod-Aus is highly influenced by Asian flavors imo. For the second seating for the NYE dinner, an oyster tasting plate is available too. 

The entree options are as follows.

Seared foie gras, pine nut crust, scallops, peach, brioche (only for NYE). It was a huge chunk of seared foie gras which could be better seared to complement the creamy texture. The pine nut crust didn't come through and i was missing the nuttiness. The plum was a nice alternative to the usual berries though.
Star Anise Pork Belly, with seared scallops, cauliflower puree, pickled cucumber. This dish is available on both menus. This is what a kong ba (braised pork belly) would taste like but the pork was on the dry side sadly. We had no issues with the beautifully seared scallops and the amazingly creamy cauliflower purée (will pick this over mash anytime).
The Tuna Tataki (only for NYE) may not look very appetizing with the yellow saffron coloring but the texture of the puffed rice with stringy smoked enoki and sweet onion worked pretty well. The tuna could be less well done though.  
The cigar of whipped goats cheese was enjoyable since i love cheeses but some people did not like the sharp tartness. I thought the dish could do with sweeter elements than the beetroot hummus and fresh figs (which weren't very sweet). For Christmas, you could also opt for the signature Tea Smoked Quail as your starter.

On to the hearty mains. For Christmas, how can we not have festive favorites such as Turkey Breast and Honey Roasted Ham right? Sides include fries/mash potato, fine beans confit shallot or pear, blue cheese, walnut and rocket salad (this is my personal fav).

The Portuguese baby chicken was our favorite main from the NYE menu. The flavors reminded me of the home cooked Turkish meals that i had on my travels with the spice rub of paprika and mint. Pair the crispy tender chicken with the thick saffron sauce and you have a winning combination. Lovely roasted vegetables and spiced chorizo added helped to lift the dish through the differing textures and flavors.
I also enjoyed the Sydney spiced barramundi with thai styled char sui mushrooms and bok choy. I've taken a liking to the firm fish with a light sweetness. 
We were a little confused by the Cape grim strip loin with caramelized endive, eggplant purée and salsa verde. The meat was decent but the sauce tasted of Japanese curry with some minty residue.   
While i liked the initial fresh notes of the pan fried potato gnocchi due to the medley of corn, asparagus, zucchini and truffle verjuice dressing, it was overpowered by the oily gnocchi. The potato pillows, while fluffy, were too big and doughy and I felt myself slipping into a food coma after 2 bites.

For desserts end with one of the 4 desserts. My personal favorite of the NYE menu was the Chocolate tart
This tart was a hybrid of a regular chocolate tart and molten lava cake. Think powdery and gooey filling with a crunchy buttery base. Icing on the cake were the praline ice cream and brûlée banana. Good news is that it's available on both Christmas and NYE dinner! I much preferred this over the other desserts. 
Raspberry cheese cake was meh. The cheese was too gelatinous in my opinion. 
The Mango and Coconut bomb Alaska had a rather dry sponge which was like a traditional kueh bolu imo. Too sweet for my liking as well.

Cheese lovers could go for the very substantial cheese selection with quince paste lavoch. The Pouligny Saint Pierre was a delightful crumbly goats milk cheese. For Christmas, there's also the traditional Christmas Pudding or Raspberry Panna Cotta.

Overall, sufficient selection of items for a decent festive meal to end/start the year. Plus the view is amazing. You'll probably be able to catch the fireworks (i'm assuming there would be some). 

3 Course Christmas Dinner Menu ($100/pax)
24 and 25 Dec 2014
3 Course New Year's Eve Dinner Menu
31 Dec 2014
First seating: 6pm - 8pm ($125/pax)
Second seating, 8.30pm. Last order at 12am. ($148/pax)

Salt Grill and Sky Bar
55th and 56th floors, ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801
Tel: +65 6592 5118

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