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Preventing hair loss with DRx Medispa Trichology

By Tuesday, December 30, 2014 ,

It's been about half a year since my last Trichology session at The DRx Medispa so here's an update on my hairy situation. I've been using the Nanogen Thickening Treatment Shampoo (200ml, $30) and the Nanogen Serum VEGF Growth Factor Solution ($170, 3x30ml btls) rather religiously and i think that my hair loss has been controlled somewhat and it also feels like i've been growing more hair too!
So i headed back to DRx Medispa for another session the Purifying Hair Treatment with Laser Therapy ($188 for 90mins) to cleanse my scalp.
First, the easy parts. Deep cleansing serum to exfoliate the scalp.
Mist to enlarge the follicles and that was followed by a hair wash. During the wash, Stella asked if i was going to torture myself with the needles again and i crazily said yes. WHAT WAS I THINKING???
Well, i know the benefits of the microneedle therapy. It's just that it's really hard to sit still when your head is being pricked by these little needles that are meant to stimulate and promote hair growth. My skin is seriously rather thin so it hurts even more. Well well.. it's all for luscious and healthy hair! If you wish, you could ask them to let you try the microneedles. It usually only comes with the stem cell treatment.
After what seemed like forever, we ended the treatment with a Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to cool the scalp.

As Peggy wasn't around, the other trichologist helped to scan my scalp after the treatment. Look at the thick strands of hair! Yay. There are still some clogged follicles but my scalp condition has improved. :)

A healthy follicle is supposed to be dented so there is space for the hair to grow. A healthy follicle could have 3-4 strands of hair growing from it. If you look at the left follicle, you'll see 2 monstrous strand and a feeble baby one. Well, i was told that the poor baby one is being deprived of nutrients from the stronger 2 and if i do not feed it with sufficient nutrients, it'll die eventually! Scary!!

Despite trying to add more meat to my diet, i guess i'm still not taking in sufficient Vitamin B. I've since started on B complex and Vit C as well to help with the absorption. Hopefully they'll help with growing my hair. I'm a GNC member now. Soon i'll become a bodybuilder. Hurhur.
As usual, Stella and her deft hands gave me really lovely curls with the Repite Brush Iron. I have the same brush at home but i swear i can never achieve the same effect as what she does for me. BOO. More practice needed! Oh and i'm really loving the purple and reds in my hair, thanks to Silkcut Salon. Do you like this color on me?

If you're interested in trying out the Tricho Purifying Treatment (U.P. $188), quote me for 40% off your first visit. :)

302 Orchard Road, #14-02/#16-02
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862
Tel: +65 6223 1555
Mon to Sat: 10am to 8pm
Sun: 10am to 6pm

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  1. Hi! Wil i still get 40% off tricho purifying treatment from quoting you if i were to get it done this mth or the next? Tks

    1. Hi Jel, do call DRx Medispa to confirm the promo.