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Point Yamu by COMO- All about the food

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You will never go hungry at Point Yamu by COMO (read the full review here) even though it's located at the far end of the island. Oh trust me it's not worth the 1h trip from here to Patong for anything. You're better off relaxed and feasting in probably the best Thai and Italian restaurant in Phuket, Nahmyaa and the La Sirena at Point Yamu, with the best sunset view to boot. 

So this post is going to be all about the food at Point Yamu by COMO which features the 2 restaurants, some parts of the healthy Como Shambhala cuisine, as well as the in-room dining options.

To be honest, we could have eaten all our meals at Nahmyaa (sans breakfast) because everything was so delicious. In fact that's pretty much what we did because it's blasphemous to not have Thai food in Thailand. 
Nahmyaa blew our minds from the onset. The rich and creamy Blue Crab Yellow Curry with chunks of sweet crustacean paired superbly with the ethereal cold rice noodles. 
The Wok fried pork belly blew our minds with the impossibly crispy crackling coated in an umami dark soy flavored with ginger, garlic, chili, and basil. Make some egg porn and then muddle up the sauce to thicken it. The dish is a throat killer and rather artery clogging but #YOLO. If not, the Pad Thai is a safe but delightful option with the well balanced springy noodles. Wash it all down with the superb iced Thai milk tea that will set your heart racing with the caffeine (we liked that it's not too sweet). 
The menu at Nahmyaa differs for lunch and dinner, with a more extensive communal menu being served at night.
We carried on our curry journey with the a-little-too-mild Green Curry Wagyu Beef and a fiery Mamasan Curry with Lamb Shank (this was superb). We wished they would go easy on the oil though. Anyway, definitely order a side of Blue Crab Fried Rice to go with. 
We couldn't bear to waste our meals on the typical Italian fare though the Seafood Stew we had at La Sirena was very hearty and comforting. Nahmyaa can get pretty packed but it's a good thing that you dine at La Sirena and have Nahmyaa dishes as well.

Daily breakfast is served at La Sirena and we went dizzy with options from the buffet display of muesli, house made cereals, yogurt pots, baked goods, fruits and juices.  
That's not all. You also get an unlimited selection of hot dishes from their a la carte menu. This is food bloggers' heaven and we did an informal food tasting here.
I would have been satisfied with the fresh pastries which the staff would gladly warm up for you in the pizza oven. We loved the Banana Pecan muffin and croissants. 
Go straight for the Thai Bacon and Eggs, a Thai version of the Singapore Nasi Lemak with grilled pork belly, fried poached egg (YESSSSS), avocado and corn on sticky rice, and a fragrant chili jam. We couldn't resist but order this every day but we noted that there is a lack of consistency in the quality of this dish.
Other hits include the Coconut Waffles, and Sweet Corn Cake with Smoked Salmon.
The Caramelized French Toast uses an amazing brioche but do tell them not to drown it in passion fruit curd as it was too sweet for us. Skip the Buckwheat Pancakes with the overpowering cinnamon (well unless you really love cinnamon then by all means).

Como is big on wellness and there is a curated Como Shambhala menu for those on a self-directed wellness retreat. Even if you're not into raw or vegan food, there are healthier meat options too. How do Cumin Spiced Salmon with almond salad and tahini yogurt sauce, or the Spiced Chicken skewers with dill hummus sound? 
Desserts are made healthy (but tasty) on this menu. Do order the refreshing Young Coconut Jelly with mangosteen soup, as well as the Raw Tartlet of strawberry, vanila and rose apple on a coconut almond crust. Should you decide to be sinful, there's always mango sticky rice or durian pancakes. ;))

Options are aplenty on the in room dining menu and perfect for people unwilling to leave their rooms. There are dishes from the restaurants, and also some other items that are specific to room service, one of it being the burgers.
We thought the Yamu Burger, a house ground Angus Beef patty would work better than the Chicken Burger, which sadly was a huge processed patty with grilled pineapple. I thought they would do better with a fresh fillet but i guess the fishcake tasting patty is more reflective of the Thai cuisine (was there really chicken in this)? 
We made space for the Mango Sticky Rice despite a late breakfast. I thought it was pretty good!
Dining at Point Yamu by COMO was a treat for us and we looked forward to every single meal. If there is a resort/hotel that i'd stay in just for the food, it would be Point Yamu. 
Would i be back at Point Yamu? Hell yeah. Till then, my beloved Blue Swimmer Crab Curry and Thai Bacon and Eggs.

Point Yamu by COMO
225 Moo 7, Paklok, Talang, Phuket 83110

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