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Jack's Wife Freda- Best Brunch in NYC

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Of all the brunches in the world and all the breakfasts that i've eaten, Jack's Wife Freda (New York City) is up there at the top of my list and it certainly lists as the best in NYC. It's not your regular brunch food and the cuisine is a lovely mix of exotic from the likes of South Africa, Israel, and Jewish comfort food.
You know the funny thing is that i chanced upon Jack's Wife on Instagram and that is how i was led to this cozy spot in SOHO. The queue can be crazy as they only take reservations for larger groups. I only managed to get in on our 3rd attempt and it was a reward for an 8am run on the Williamsburg bridge. So highlights here for breakfast/brunch- Grilled Haloumi, Green Shakshuka with challah toast, Rose Water Waffles with Lebanese yogurt (labneh), and their secret weapon, the DUCK BACON.   
Well, highlights being highlights, i decided to veer away from them and went with the Madame Freda ($14), because it's important to eat what you feel like having. And boy was every mouthful a burst of savory orgasmic delight. It was way better than the dryish French Croque Monsieur i had at Buvette
So, crusty crunchy bread, sandwiching the smokiest DUCK prosciutto (which is better than pork prosciutto), a wonderful mix of cheddar, bechamel, and gruyere, soaked by that orange sunshine egg. I crown this the best croque madame ever. This changes everything.  
A good complement to the Madame Freda is the Poached Eggs with Grilled Tomato and Haloumi ($12). It is a simple dish of poached eggs, grilled tomato and haloumi, served with sourdough toast., but it was refreshing with the Israeli green sauce and juicy sweet tomatoes. Plus that light saltiness from the pressed cheese. 
Top that with a side of Duck Bacon ($7). Once you go duck, you don't ever go back (unless there isn't duck, then pig will do, but NEVER TURKEY). The thick cut slices were meaty, juicy, and smokey. I can't even.
Despite the filled tummy, we made room for desserts and it was the Malva pudding ($7) at 10am in the morning. This South African comfort pudding contains apricot jam and was milky and spongy in the center, with a caramelized texture on the outside. I tried not to think too much about the amount of calories in this one but if you like it sweet, you'd like this. 
I love love love the food here and looking at the crazy queues, New Yorkers agree as well. My main complain is that the portions are a little on the small side (even for this small Asian girl). 
I know it took me pretty long to actually do a review of Jack's Wife Freda but here it is, my top favorite brunch spot in Manhattan. And now it can be yours too. ;)

Jack's Wife Freda
224 Lafayette NY, NY 10012
Tel: 212 510 8550
50 Carmine Street NY, NY 10014
Tel: 646 669 9888

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