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Kyuu by Shunsui

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A $129 ten-course omakase with quality ingredients that are flown fresh 3 times weekly from Japan? It's almost too good to be true but yes, the guys at Kyuu by Shunsui are serving a sashimi-robatayaki omakase that is plated like art. If the Shunsui name sounds familiar, well Kyuu is a sister restaurant of Kappo Shunsui at Cuppage Plaza and Chef Tomo Watanabe's Tokyo restaurant by the same name was also named in Michelin Guide’s Bib Gourmand list for three consecutive years between 2015 and 2017.
The less than a month-old Kyuu by Shunsui is overseen by Head Chef Issey Araki, formerly from one Michelin-starred restaurant Akasaka Tantei in Tokyo, Japan. He was also part of the team that opened Kappo Shunsui. His specialty? Impressive knife and charcoal grilling skills! The 27-year-old chef also has a puffer fish processing license to his name. 
Best seats in the house? By the bar. That's where the action is. Tip: Try not to sit right in front of the grill unless you wanna be barbecued. 
Our meal started with three appetisers: A refreshing and lightly spiced Red Snapper and Japanese Ginger with Sumiso (a mixture of miso, rice vinegar, and sesame paste); a starchy and fragrant Homemade Sesame Tofu covered with a bekko-an sauce (a mixture of dashi, soy sauce, mirin and sugar) and wasabi; and a citrusy Soft Simmered Duck topped with Homemade Miso.
Next, Assorted Sashimi (this is for 2pax) that is flown thrice a week from Japan. The ingredients mainly come from Kyushu. We had the Tuna Fatty Belly, Red Snapper, Salmon, Sea Urchin, Yellow Tail, Red Shrimp, Scallop, and Salmon Roe. Glorious! 

Then, the hot dishes from the Robatayaki grill, where ingredients are grilled over hot charcoal a la minute. What's different at Kyuu is that each grilled item is served with a special homemade sauce unlike the other super casual Robatayaki restaurants. 
First, the Egg Plant with Sweet Red Miso Sauce which is typically Fukuoka-style! If you have not had red miso sauce before, it tastes a little like the Singaporean Chee Cheong Fun sauce but less sweet. 
The Tuna Belly with Truffle Ponzu Sauce was firm and not that fatty after being cooked. The tart ponzu cuts through any remaining oil. The truffle was a mere hint but provided an interesting earthy dimension to the fish. 
I was looking forward to the heady smelling Big-Sized Prawn With Wasabi Sauce but the meat turned out to be a little tough. However, great smoky flavor that can stand on its own, no wasabi sauce required. Besides, the sour sauce didn’t provide much heat. 
The King Crab with vinegar and Sudachi lime was the best seafood dish of the lot. The sweet crustacean flavor was elevated by the mirin-soy-vinegar dip. 
The Fruits Tomato (Shushu tomato) with Setouchi salt may seem like a simple dish but wow. So many chefs would want to recreate a tomato consomm√© that is as sweet and intense as the natural juices from this fruit. It's even better with the salt.  
Then, what many would call the main event of the robatayi course, the Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Beef Aitchbone with Red Miso Fond De Veau
A sizeable piece is presented to each diner. In some other restaurants, a piece this size would probably cost you the full price of the meal at Kyuu.  
More meaty than the usual buttery wagyu. If you like your Angus, this would do it for you. 
The meal ends proper with a Hokkaido Rice Nanatsuboshi covered with salmon roe, and served with miso soup. What's special about this ikura is that it has been pre-soaked in a specially prepared dashi mixture. The roe is generously poured over the rice bowl in front of the guests while the chefs chant “yoisho, yoisho”. The pouring doesn't stop until the guest says stop. We were too happy to let chef continue till the ikura overflowed. FYI there's really no need for that much ikura because it may be too salty.
Uni not included in this one! ;)
The final course, a Home-made Ice Cream
Aside from the Omakase menu, guests can also order from an a la carte menu (from 9pm onwards) that offers sashimi and other cold and hot appetisers, as well as charcoal grilled and deep fried dishes. These can be enjoyed alongside an extensive list of craft beers, umeshu, shochu, highballs, wines (red, white and sparkling), champagne and close to 40 different labels of sake.

Highly recommend Kyuu by Shunsui for an affordable omakase with great quality!

Kyuu by Shunsui
29 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089136
Tue- Sun: 6pm - 1am
Omakase: 6 - 9pm
A la carte: 9pm - 12am

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  1. The last photograph- is it the Hokkaido Rice Nanatsuboshi covered with uni version?

    1. That’s a special order and not part of the set. But yes it’s essential uni rice!