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Tablescape, Grand Park City Hall

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Am not keeping up with all the new openings but Tablescape at the new Grand Park City Hall is one decent Modern European restaurant. Helmed by Executive Chef Robert Chan, Tablescape aims to serve classic fine dining dishes that are not pretentious, and at an affordable price. 
Dinner started on a high with the bread selection from the trolley. I had a hard time holding myself back from the house baked breads. The aroma of buttery buns was simply rousing. 
My favorites were the Focaccia with Cheese (lovely pull-apart bun); and the Onion Bread (buttery and crunchy exterior with an airy inside). The Squid Ink Brioche was super fluffy too! 
Salmon Gravlax with Vegetable Shavings, Lemon Myrtle Oil and Cream Cheese Ice Cream ($16) features thick cut, sashimi grade salmon which wasn't too salty. I enjoyed the refreshing lemon spritz on the fish and the cheese ice cream hit all the umami notes without overpowering the salmon. 
The Steak Tartare ($24) & crispy battered poached egg. Crunchy bits of spicy onion, cold smooth USDA beef, warm oozy yolk with crispy batter and aioli.
The only acceptable part of the Veal Sweetbread in 2-Minute Pea Soup with Ceps Mushroom Rag├╣ ($18) was the pea soup made from fresh peas from the pods (and i'm not even a pea fan). The fried sweetbread was oily and had a strong liver taste to it. Skip this.
For mains, the traditional lobster and fish pairing gets an indulgent upgrade with Prosciutto Ham wrapped Monkfish and Maine Lobster on Risotto in Armagnac Lobster Bisque ($38). The aroma was intoxicating and that SAUCE! The super firm monkfish was given a smokiness from the ham, and the butter poached lobster tail was delicate and not rubbery at all. The Arborio risotto was perfectly al dente with a light cheesiness. 
Milk-Fed Veal stuffed with Foie Gras, Duxelles and Sage with Cauliflower Mimosa and Madeira Jus ($38) The meat tasted very clean and tender, with a creamy chunk of foie gras in the centre. Nice contrasting texture with the breaded exterior and flavored with a shallot Madeira sauce.
We were teased all night by the Dessert Selection from the Trolley ($12 each) which was parked within eyeshot of our table. The trolley holds a rotation of house-made sweets. Below are a couple that we tried.
Carrot Cake (left)- Good! Full of real carrots. Tasted very Christmasy with citrus and plump fruits. 
Spicy Mango Mousse (middle)- Tastes of Chinese New Year with pineapple bits. I was confused if it's mango or pineapple actually. Unless that is actually mango #mindblown
Chocolate Mousse (right) - Love the dark chocolate and tart berry jam. Plus the crunchy feuilletine base breaks the smoothness of each bite. There were also bits of dark chocolate in it. 
Raspberry Lychee and Almond Cake- A tribute to the classic Ispahan, but a tad sweet.
Rum Brownie- Rich but not too dense. It apparently has rum but i couldn't taste any of it. 
Camembert Cheese Cake- Too light. Tasted more like an orange sponge cake with cream than cheesecake. 

The above prices are the a la carte price. Tablescape also offers an attractive Set Lunch (two- or three-course, $32/42) and Set Dinner (three- or four-course $48/58) menus every day.

10 Coleman Street, Grand Park City Hall Level 3, Singapore 179809 
Tel: +65 6432 5618
Daily: 12 - 2.30pm, 6 - 10.30pm
Bar: 5.30pm - 1am 

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