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Bacchanalia Singapore

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It took me too long to visit Bacchanalia and i'm glad i finally got to have a taste of Chef Luke Armstrong's dishes at this one Michelin-star establishment, after their brand revamp. So yes, expect new menus, which i'm sure is as good, if not better than what it was before. The new menus focuses on using the best seasonal ingredients from around the world such as Australia, Japan, and France, and also Southeast Asian citrus and local spices. 
We went with the 4 course Seasonal Inspiration menu for dinner ($168) and took here is sharing our selection. 
First up, freshly baked chewy sourdough with a lovely crust, served with an airy french butter and seaweed butter. Had to stop myself from finishing the entire loaf!
Next, the Amuse bouche of Majestic Oyster Bavarois. Creamy Ireland oysters, prepared a la minute, served fresh with glistening Schrenki caviar. The cream is whipped with oyster and champagne and it's like having a sip of the ocean in every bite. 
Next, the first course Morel. Wild morel mushrooms sourced from Loire Valley France, which are highly sought after by chefs around the world. The mushrooms are cooked in French wine Vin Jaune, a unique yellow wine which has a high level of acidity. Depending on the season, Chef Armstrong may cook the morels differently. We had ours with asparagus because the mushrooms were a little small. Love love love the distinct tartness and butter in this dish. 
Second course was the Hand-dived Hokkaido Scallops. Gosh this was incredible. The plump sweet scallop was pan-roasted scallops,  served on top on a king crab salad with sweet peas, and drizzled with a velouté of aged 6 years Parmesan and red peppers. There's a lovely tangy citrus flavor in this sauce which reminded me a little of spiced nacho cheese. 
For the main event, we had the Mieral Duck. Now now, this rare French Duck is available in limited quantity each day, so it's not always on the menu. But if it is, you should get this. The fourteen-day  dry-aged French duck is slow roasted on the crown to keep the meat pink and juicy, then served with braised Tokyo turnip and bitter chocolate truffle sauce. 
On the side, we had a bitter chocolate duck jus that is spiked with Armagnac. Have this over the meat, or drink it on its own. I would say this is like a smoky duck essence. I'd say this is a perfect East-West marriage of preparing duck. We were served a side of succrine lettuce with black garlic purée as well.
To end dinner, we had the unassuming White Chocolate Tart. Oh boy, it is nothing like its description! You wouldn't even expect that this is a white chocolate tart. Now, the tart is actually a soft baked egg custard tart, cooked at 95 deg, for that lovely caramel flavor. It's like dulce de leche but not as sweet. On top of the custard was a thin layer of crunchy pastry, and on the very top, a white chocolate shell filled with Madagascar vanilla ice cream made from vanilla aged in bourbon cask. Holy god that vanilla was amazing (they added more bourbon to it as well). And to top it all, more champagne cream. 

The experience at Bacchanalia was just lovely. Give the Carte Blanche menu a go (it's French for omakase) if you are up for an indulgent meal. The 8-course menu ($145/238) uses the finest ingredients available each day and is available for lunch and dinner. Set lunches are also available, starting at a reasonable $48. If you are planning a party for 8 or more, Chef can curate a private menu for you!

39 Hong Kong Street Singapore 059678
Tel: +65 6909 6360 

Tues - Sat: 12 - 2pm, 6 - 9.45pm

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