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Braci, Michelin-star Italian SG

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Date nights are for checking out restaurants we haven't been to. Fact is i have an extremely long list of restaurants to try. I decided on Italian and Braci was saved somewhere with a comment that it is pretty swell. I didn't realize it is a one Michelin-star restaurant until after i made the reservation. 
The location is in one of the shophouses along touristy Boat Quay. If you don't look up, you'd probably miss the little door to leads you to the restaurant. An elevator transports you 5 floors up, to a cozy dining space dominated by an peaceful open kitchen space. It's a vast difference from the chaos downstairs. You don't hear much from the chefs but you do smell a lot of mouth-watering perfumes from the Josper oven and shichirin grill. 
Various tasting menus are available, alongside the a la carte dishes. Even though they were some dishes that i wanted to try, like the Foie Gras Semifreddo ($28), we couldn't decide on the other choices, and so we decided to be surprised with their Surprise four-course menu ($100/pax).
Amuse-bouche to start, featuring tomato from Italy, botarga from Sardinia with a white wine jelly, and a candied celeriac.
The meal then followed with the Pane di Altamura DOP bread, which is flown in from Puglia Italy weekly. The charred crust broke apart to reveal a pillowy soft inside and it was hard to stop ourselves from stuffing our faces before our actual dinner started. 
Our started was a giant portion of a Romanesco cauliflower that has been grilled in the Josper for a tinge of smokiness. The crunchy chartreuse bud's delicate nutty flavor was enhanced by a hazelnut crumble and a creamy burrata.  
We were teased by the heady aroma of the Sicilian prawns before the dish was served. The sweet raw prawns were chopped and mixed with their cream like a tartare. The rich bisque flavored the al dente tagliolini, which was a perfect pairing with the delicate meat. This was an umami explosion. 
We had duck for secondi, a tender sliver of juicy meat, paired with smoked eggplant and pickled mustard seeds. I loved that there was a mix of sweetness, acid, and salt on this plate. 
We were thoroughly stuffed and our eyes popped at the size of our dessert course, a smooth four chocolate mousse with hazelnut crumble balls. Imagine a giant Ferrero Rocher and there you have it.   
And then there was the petit four course to end it. We had a lemon tart with mint jelly, a fig jelly in almond shell, and an Amaron sabayon in a quail egg shell. 

If you're up for more drinks, head on up to level 6 for a drink and some fresh air and skyline at Braci's rooftop bar.

Braci provides the perfect date night experience and i can see how it lives up to its one-Michelin-star name. Go check out this underrated gem. 
52 Boat Quay, Level 5/6, Singapore 049841
Tel: +65 6866 1933
Mon - Sat: 6 - 10.30pm
Tue- Fri: 12 - 2pm
Mon - Sat: 5pm - 12am 

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