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Lumo Cocktail Bar & Restaurant

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Lumo, or light in Esperanto (an artificial language), is a new addition to the expat clutter in Boat Quay. Thankfully, it sets itself apart some really good drinks by the bar team complemented by the approachable modern European dishes by Head Chef Martin Wong. Lumo aims to not only bring together diners, but also support the F&B community through collaborations with local brewers, coffee roasters and neighbors too (RVLT curates the natural wine list at Lumo). 

LUMO’s cocktail concept revolves around the essentials of life; so the launch cocktail menu focuses on Breakfast, the first and best meal of the day. The drinks are categorized into Brew, Milk, Fruit, ABC, Impossible Salad, Toast, Treat. If you're wondering how Impossible Salad would taste like in a drink, check out the Patty Royale, a cross between a Vesper and a Dirty Martini and is guaranteed to knock you out. An Impossible™ distillate is made with vodka and a fat wash using oil from the meat-free patty. The cocktail’s savoury profile is accentuated further with macerated fermented cherry tomatoes, buna shimeiji mushrooms, and shisho leaves soaked in vermouth, and a garnish of olives filled with vegan cheese. 
I started with an easy MILK cocktail, the Salt Honey Fizz, made with orange flower, fino sherry, sea salt, caramelized honey, plant milk, Tried and true vodka. On the nose, a familiar tang of sourdough, and on the palate, soothing cereal milk and a light citrus. It's way too easy to drink, and probably dangerous when you gulp this like you do out of a carton. 
The Brown Derby, is more my kind of thing. Rebel Yell Bourbon with zesty notes of shadow citrus and grapefruit bitters prove to be a great perk-me-up after a long dreadful day at work. Josiah made me another same-same-but-different cocktail which is stronger and my day was complete.
The dishes that Chef Martin sent out were great with the drinks. We started with an appetizing Tomatillos & Momotaro Tomatoes ($16), an interesting tempura dish served with whipped spiced buttermilk. I enjoyed the fresh sourness of the green tomatillos and then the sweet momotaro. It's a refreshing contrast to the umami bomb that is the shoestring fries with mentaiko mayonnaise and bonito flakes ($12), another must-order IMO.
Obviously not one to go on a low-carb diet, i dug into the Potato hash with housemade French duck prosciutto and chives sour cream ($15) with gusto. They had me at the little crispy pillows of potatoes. 
A combination of traditional methods such as pickling, fermentation, ageing and brining are used in Chef Martin's kitchen, there's even a wood-fire stove. Modern methods are used alongside to intensity the flavors and complexity of the dishes. The Aged chicken mid-wings aigre doux ($17) brim with flavour from the brining and three-day dry ageing process. It has the added smokiness from applewood too. Simply irresistible.
Vegetables are done simply and well at Lumo. I could easily polish off both the wood-fire burnt leek with anchovy butter ($14) and the roasted cauliflower steak with togarashi aioli ($15). It's not that hard being a vegetarian after all. 
Don't make me choose between the MS 7/8 Westholme wagyu intercostal ($32) and the Sakura pork chop with whisky raisin jus ($34). 
The wagyu is slightly more savory though slightly sweetened with the shallot confit. If you like some bite to your meat, this is definitely a chewier cut. 
Sakura pork chop is a mixed breed of Kurobuta and Duroc, which yields a fattier meat. It's cooked pink, and certified tasty (and safe). Together with the sweet whisky soaked raisins and veal jus reduction, every bite was a good balance of fat and sweetness. 
For desserts, i gave all my space to the Classic Apple Pie ($16), filled with crunchy Granny Smith apple cubes which have been cooked down with cinnamon, rum-infused raisin, butter, and brown sugar. The apple mixture is aged overnight before being filled in. Each puff is deep-fried right before service and served with a housemade vanilla ice cream.
I enjoyed everything that i tried at Lumo. Don't be intimidated by the dark Scandinavian interior really. Once you settle down with a cocktail or two, you'll realise how comfortable it is to dine in this space.

It is pretty unfortunate that Circuit Breaker measures kicked in shortly after Lumo's opening. Please visit them once you get the chance to. Otherwise, show them some love by ordering a takeaway or delivery with them. There's a 30% discount if you order with them directly. Check out the menu here.  

#01-00, 50 South Bridge Road Singapore 058682 
Tel: +65 8921 3818 
Mon - Thu: 5.30pm – 2am 
Fri- Sat: 5.30pm – 3am 

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