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Levant- The Mediterranean bar you want to be at

By Sunday, May 02, 2021 , , , ,

Since we can't traverse the Mediterranean sea, the next best option right now is to hang out at Tanjong Pagar's hottest rooftop bar Levant, which is possibly the first cocktail bar that explores the Mediterranean with experimental drinks made from quality spirits and mixers from the region. 
The secret bar is tucked on the 4th floor of the newly-built co-living hotel ST Signature on Tras Street. You have to take the lift to the 3rd floor and then up another flight of stairs. There, you'd be greeted by the club vibes of Beirut/Athens with groovy beats and a spectacular view of the Tanjong Pagar skyline. Quite perfect for some all-night outdoor dancing when conditions permit but we also liked the intimacy the venue offers when it's quiet. 
The cocktails are certainly adventurous, far from the typical flavors we're used to, like a combination of star anise and bergamot in the Amber Constellation (which i'd never try). I started with the way too easy Sangaree Rose ($18) which uses Mirto, a myrtle liqueur, with Cocchi Americano Rosa as base. There are hints of cinnamon in this, and overall was like a really light apple spritz. It's refreshingly sweet but not quite my cup of tea. Well i guess i'm more of a stiff-drinks kinda girl. The Athena’s Olive Branch ($24) was more my thing, which is some kind of Martini made with Gin Mare, Madeira, with a touch of Amalfi lemon and garnished with an olive.
For Sours lovers, the iL Rhubarb Sour ($18) spices things up with cinnamon and hibiscus. My other favorite of the night was the Greek Forest ($18), with Greek honeycomb-infused Tsipouro, mountain pine liqueur, Greek Vermouth, and Maglini lemon. 
I'm not sure if it's a good thing that i know that Levant is established by IlLido Group, who is behind other solid F&B restaurants such as Braci, Carne Singapore and Gemma Steakhouse. That obviously somewhat raised the expectations of the food offerings. Thankfully, the Mediterranean-inspired mezze plates Levant has on offer aren't bad for bar food (i tend to give a huge discount for bar food). 
We started with the overpriced dips (you can skip there entirely in fact)- a Smoky Baba Ganoush and Avocado Hummus ($16 each), which are served with thin and crispy pita. The hummus was meh to say the least, it was probably a thin hummus with a whiff of avocado. 
The Smoked Duck & Truffle Samosas ($18) were crispy parcels with shredded duck, and a light hint of truffle that was unnecessary. On its own, it was a tad plain but the Mango Amba sauce lifted it up, with an addition of a lovely sweet and spiced note to each bite. 
The Calamari ($18) with saffron aioli was surprisingly good. Each ring was fresh and bouncy and brought back fond memories of the many seafood dinners along the Santorini coasts. 
For something more substantial, do not miss the Beef Kofta Sliders ($18) with a juicy eggplant fritter and tang from the green chilli shatta. The brioche buns were great for sandwiching these. 
Absolutely loving the vibe at Levant with their interesting cocktails and acceptable food options. They also do have very interesting wines from Lebanon, Syria and Greece so do check those out if you're more into the vino.

32 Tras St, ST Signature Hotel
Level 4, Singapore 078972
Tel: +65 6304 3298
Daily: 4 - 10.30pm

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