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Fine Dining Indian Cuisine: Tandoor Restaurant Singapore

By Wednesday, October 09, 2013 , ,

If you are looking for a place for Indian fine dining, rejoice in the fact that Tandoor Restaurant is back in the game following its recent face-lift (read about my previous review here). Not only has the decor been given a modern and classy revamp, the menu at Tandoor Restaurant, Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre, has also been made more refined and delicate while retaining its traditional roots. I was even more impressed with their story telling concept as the waiters took us through the interesting history of each dish. 
S and I were invited to sample the Dinner Gourmet Set ($68). If you're not up for the full course, there is a smaller course at $48. Vegetarian options are also available.

We started with the Samosa Chaat, a light puff pastry shell stuffed with potatoes and chickpeas and topped with sweet yogurt and tamarind chutney. I love the creaminess and contrasting flavors of the dressing and was amazed at how light the puff was.

Next, we had the Pudina Murg Shorba, a chicken soup that was rich in flavors but again not overly creamy. We were told that much thought had gone into the use of the ingredients to cater to health conscious diners. A spicy scallop was served with our soup. Tip: try the soup first before devouring the scallop. The mint in the soup also helped to douse the fire from the scallop.
Next, a platter of kebabs. 
From left to right, Jalepeno Corn Kebab, Paneer Chupa Rustom and Malmali Seek Kebab. My favorite was the Paneer Chupa Rustom, a potato croquette stuffed with spinach and cottage cheese. It's like a kinder surprise! The minced lean mutton kebab was very flavorful and soft, perfect if you were a toothless Indian king (no kidding, that's how the dish came about). 

The Honey Dill Grilled prawns spiced with red chilies were great too, along with the Chicken Lemongrass Kebab which was surprisingly juicy and tender. 
On to the mains which were served with saffron rice or Naans. Here you see the Nalli Gosht- a lamb shank curry which was full of collagen bits. The Palak Paneer, a must order at any Indian restaurant. 

The Mango Curry was too addictive, a unique ripe mango curry from the Mangalore region of India. Chef's grandmother made this dish for him to get him to eat fruits. This sweet curry goes extremely well with the fluffy saffron rice. The other dish that i could not stop eating was the Murg Dum A Dum, chicken curry. Best mopped up with the garlic naan.
The Goan Fish Curry was our other favorite. The perfectly cooked succulent ocean perch was served sizzling in a tangy spiced coconut curry. I wished there were more of the gravy in this one. 
Last but not the least, we ended dinner with a trio of desserts. From the left, the sweetened carrot dessert Gajar Halwa which had the quality of a nutty rice pudding; a Bailey's Kulfi ice cream, and a Rose and Elaichi Panna Cotta.
Looks like a toadstool doesn't it? Cute presentation ftw. 

I have to say that Tandoor Restaurant really impressed us with its new direction. I enjoyed the food a lot better than i did the first time. Even S, who would frown on my Indian meal suggestions, enjoyed his meal and even indicated his willingness to have this again. 

Tandoor would be having its Diwali promotion from 15 October to 15 November 2013. Diners will hear intriguing 4-part story of Ramanyana from the wait staff as they feast on the dishes. Specially designed illustrated coasters will also be given to diners who purchase the Gourmet Trail Menus. 

Tandoor Restaurant
Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre
Basement 1
Daily: 12 - 2.30pm, 7 - 10.30pm

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