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The Lawn- Meat Your Greens

By Tuesday, April 15, 2014 , , ,

There is no trick to staying skinny, it's a lot of exercise and watching your diet. Well with my hectic food blogging schedule and essentially my love for food, i make it a point to eat healthy on weekdays and i turn to salads for lunch! I love them because they are healthy and fresh and I also love preparing them myself. But if you don't have time to make your own, then check out The Lawn, the only Specialty Grill & Salad Café in Singapore

The grills are what make The Lawn different from the other salad spots. If you are a salad virgin, The Lawn helps with that veggie anxiety with their selection of savory and delicious grilled meats and seafood. Eating green doesn't mean that you gotta sacrifice on taste! So go Meat your Greens!

1. Choose Your Base
Salad ($9.90 with 5 toppings and dressings) or Olive Rice ($8.90 with Side Salad and dressings).

2. Choose your Grills (additional costs $3 to $5).
There's Chicken (teriyaki is good, the rest were on the dry side), Pacific Dory (butter seared with parsley rocks), Char-grilled Garlic Prawns (MUST ORDER), Beef (quite tasty too but has some tendons), Duck (please remove the skin) and Balsamico Fresh Asparagus & Eggplant and Mushrooms (salty but shiok) for the vegetarian.

3. Choose Your Dressings
Now this is a tough one. There are 12 sauces to pick from. And since i tried all, here's what i liked:
Red Island- A lovely sundried tomato puree, garlic and basil paste. It would be great on tartines!
Maple Peanut- I would liken this to a light satay sauce with the a red wine vinaigrette base. Really lovely.
Manly Mango- A tangy sweet sauce that complements duck and prawns.
Wasahonie- It has more honey than wasabi so it wouldn't kill you. Great with prawns too.
Perky Sesame Ginger- Think Chinese Ginger sauce that is perfect with chicken.
Honeyball- Honey and dijon mustard, you can't go wrong with this.
Me So Spicy- For that fiery kick, this spicy chilli and sambal belachan combination will shock you into being. This is good on a bit of your grills, not all of it though.

4. Choose Your Toppings (for salads only)
There're currently 28 to choose from which can be a headache if you like everything (like me). Now check out my creations! 
Grilled Garlic Prawn Salad. With Tofu, Granola, Cheddar, Chestnut and Cous Cous. I loved the spicy garlic prawns a la aglio olio style. If you pick granola, make sure you choose a saucy sauce so that the granola wouldn't be too dry. The chestnuts are absolutely yummeh.
Grilled Black Pepper Duck Breast Salad. With Pasta (Fusilli), Corn, Alfafa Sprouts, Parmesan and Cashew Nuts.

Love the umami of the parmesan. The pairing the duck with mango sauce is simply heavenly but the duck could be more pink. Make sure you remove the skin!
Ben's Beef Rub with Olive Rice. I love the preserved olive vegetables with rice! It may not be the healthiest considering that it's preserved in oil and there's plenty of carbs but this would be great for friends who are just not that into vegetables. Would love a brown rice option though! The beef cubes were a little tough too. 

The Lawn previously operated out of the Biopolis outlet but they have added another store at AXA Tower in Shenton Way. If you are in a rush for time and are too lazy to create your own salad, there are a couple of planned salads for $12.90-$13.90. My advice? Grab a few of their order forms and keep them in office and you can plan your salad before lunch. :)
The Lawn
@ 31 Biopolis Way #01-07, Nanos, Singapore 138669
Tel: +65 6478 9739
Weekdays: 11.15am - 9pm
Sun: 10am - 4pm

@ 8 Shenton Way #B1-11, AXA Tower, Singapore 068811
Tel: +65 6534 8749
Weekdays: 10.30am - 9pm

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