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Manhattan Bar, Regent Hotel Singapore

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Walk into a time capsule of 19th-century glamorous New York right here at ManhattanRegent Hotel Singapore. This 1 week old bar will transport you back to the Golden Age of cocktails and fine drinking with its craft bartending, artisanal spirits and luxurious environs. There was certainly nothing run-of-the-mill-hotel-bar about Manhattan.

The 90-seat bar is home to the world's first in-hotel rickhouse, where bourbon, whiskies and spirits, bitters and single-cask cocktails are aged in American oak barrels imported from Minnesota. The rickhouse is run by American bartender Ricky Paiva who has years of experience under his belt, having worked at famed bars such as San Francisco's Rickhouse which does some of the rarest, tastiest bourbons from around the world. 
Manhattan's Rickhouse uses the Solera ageing method and house blends are created by mixed fractions of the contents of the various aged spirits or cocktails. 
We had to give the Solera Aged Negroni ($25) a shot and it came served with hand-cut ice from a metre-long showcase ice block at the bar. The Gin, Vermouth, Campari cocktail was citrusy with a light sweetness and very strong.
Lightly buttered and peppered with paprika popcorns are served as snacks
I was enthralled by NYC-neighborhood-inspired cocktails which are accompanied with gourmet bites that are reflective of each neighborhood and the melting pot cultures they represent. I was naturally drawn to the Upper East Side and SOHO but Wall Street and Harlem was appealing as well. Cocktails are priced from $18 to $25 and the fixed beverage menu will change every quarter.
On the Upper East Side, we had The Millionaire ($24)- Plantation Jamaica 2000 Rum, Cedilia acai liqueur, Albicocca apricot brandy, fresh lime and house made grenadine. The ingredients and house-made syrups are not kept for more than two days to ensure freshness.
The Princess Cut ($23) is a delicate G'Vine Floraison Gin- June fleur de vigne liqueur, fresh lemon, rose water and champagne.

The Rebellion Burgers ($20) is absolutely UES in terms of its quality and taste. Juicy Angus Beef patty served with a pungent but delicious tomato onion jam, artisan Nicosia cheese and butter lettuce sandwiched in a buttered and toasted paprika bun. Is it worth 20 bucks for 2 little bites? Well the boys said yes. Non meat eaters could have the tempting Maine Lobster 'Roll' ($26) or Veggie Burger
On Wall Street, where life is bold and wild and never dull, i had the New York Sour ($23)- St. George Bourbon, ruby port, house made lavender maple syrup, fresh lemon plum bitters. I didn't quite taste the lavender maple syrup but it was a delicious drink nonetheless. Pair this with the Charging Bull ($24) a petit filet with bourbon apple puree. 
Wall Street served us the 'BIG' apple cheesecake ($10). I noted the irony when 4 baby Philadelphia cream cheese apple (mousse) appeared on crunchy vanilla sable. The rum-infused apple cheese mousse is encased in a thin gelatin coating. Interesting but we'd price it at $8. It's quite a stretch for $10.

I would probably give American Chef Nicholas Trosien's SOHO Village Steam Buns a la Momofuku (my fav) a shot the next time. Durocc pork belly with Hoisin sauce anyone?
Ingredients Room for drinks and food
If you're up for something special, take the Manhattan Guided Tour ($35) with its tableside trolley service to create a special cocktail blending rare spirits with artisanal vermouths and bitters.

I would certainly be frequenting Manhattan Bar, before it goes too mainstream like 28 Hong Kong Street. For a celebratory after work drink, Manhattan Bar serves complimentary Raine Laws gourmet sandwiches during their Violet Hour. Now please excuse me while i have my drink.

Level 2, Regent Hotel Singapore
1 Cuscaden Road, Singapore 249715
Tel: +65 6725 3377
Daily: 5pm - 1am
Violet Hour (Weekday): 5pm - 7pm

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