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Binomio Singapore- Best Tapas

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Santi was the best Spanish restaurant in Singapore that i ever dined in, and then they closed. Imagine my devastation. Thankfully Chef Jose Alonso went over to Binomio, which is now officially my favorite tapas spot. For $69 for 6 plates or $86 for 8 plates, you can eat to your heart's/tummy's content with Binomio's tapas tasting menu. Well, S didn't quite know how to make reservations and we ended up in the 'fine dining' restaurant instead of the raucous bar. 

Despite the slightly condensed tapas menu at the restaurant, we managed to find sufficiently interesting dishes to order. The menu goes by the season so the ingredients are always fresh and dishes exciting. I started with some really wicked Sangria Tinta ($16/gl, $52/jar) with tons of fruits in it. It was way too easy to go high on this one. I like!
What's a tapas date without a Cold cuts platter of Lomo, Salichichon, Chorizo, Jamon, and cheese, served with toasted bread and tomato puree ($32/48). The hand-cut 36 months cured Spanish ham was certainly the highlight. Just stick with that and perhaps the cheese. 

From the tapas selection, several items were recommended and include the Char-grilled Pork bellyRazor clams with cauliflower puree ($32), Pan fried Crayfish wrapped in Iberian pork and Trinchat truffles potatoes ($32). Well.. we did not order any of that. :P
The Grilled Cuttlefish served with Sofrito and Veal vinaigrette ($26) was possibly the best cuttlefish dish i've had EVER. I have no idea how Binomio sliced the cuttlefish to this thin Ipoh hor fun thickness and even more amazed at the meepok-like texture (think al-dente pasta) of the typically chewy seafood. I loved the pairing with the Sofrito (a paste of tomato, caramelized onion and herbs). Yums.
The Beef Short Ribs served with pumpkin, spinach and pine nuts ($32) were simply seasoned with pepper and salt and served with garlic creamed spinach. It was tasty but i could do with a bigger portion for sure. It wasn't even enough for me. They could also do with a spinach that is exactly creamed. 
Sorely missing the Cataplana from El Cerdo (KL), i was hoping that the Fish and Seafood stew Galicia style ($38/$65) would make up for it. Well, it didn't quite because the portion was tiny again! Just look at those tiny prawns and clams! BOO.

For something more filling, you may wish to consider the Squid ink paella for two ($70). The rice is thinly spread across the pan to yield that the crusty bottom. 
Despite the limited sampling of the dishes at Binomio, i'm certain it warrants repeated visits (we were actually pretty stuffed when we left). Make sure you get a seat at the bar and do the Tapas Tasting. I also heard that the churros are damn good too.

20 Craig Road #01-02, Singapore 089692
Tel: +65 6557 0547
Mon- Sat: 12-3pm, 6 -11.30pm

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