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Humpback- Seattle Seafood Restaurant

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My latest favorite hangout has got to be Humpback for dinner and the Flagship for drinks and wings after. Humpback is the latest Seattle-style small plates seafood restaurant with its own craft cocktail bar by the Jigger & Pony/ Sugarhall folks, Indra and Guoyi.
The night starts young with Oysters Happy Hour at Humpback and the shells go for $2-3 from 5-7pm, Mon to Sat. Yes finally!!! Humpback is like the combination of 2 of my NYC favorites- The Mermaid Bar and Traif.

The oysters hail from the Pacific Northwest and are known for the clean and crisp  melon flavors with low salinity due to the pure glacier water that flows to where the mollusks are grown. They are typically priced at $6 each but you get them at a steal of $2-3 from 5-7pm, Mon to SatMy favorite? The Kumamoto from Peale, Washington USA. If I were an oyster, I'd probably be this petite fluted shell. She takes time to mature (3 years to grow) and is sweet and fruity. Certainly one of my favorites! I'm also looking forward to the Hama Hama oysters when they are in season! For something fatter and creamier, go with the Totten Inlet from South Puget Sound, Washington USA. 

A specially created program of 12 signature cocktails, all white spirits-based, pairs perfectly with the seafood choices. Of course, you can go for the selected white wines, champagne and sparkling as well, all carefully chosen by Bar Program Director Aki Eguchi and Senior Bartender Long Yishu. I enjoyed the Viking Mule ($22)- Aalborg akvavit, la choutte cider, lime, shisho but go with the Red Snapper ($22)- Portland 88 vodka, homemade clamato juice, pickled prawn, if you want something more savory.
We then started with some light and healthy snacks.  
Top favorite was the Carrots ($8), pickled, served with Tahini yogurt and cumin salt. It's so simple yet so good. Pair this with the Bugs Bunny ($22) cocktail (Tanqueray London dry gin, carrot, lemon, egg white) for the perfect 'detox'. 
Clam Dip ($10) was a cream cheese dip with a light seafood hint from the little clams. We finished it in no time with the salty Ritz crackers. Don't miss the Burrata ($14), a creamy curd filled mozzarella paired with Salsa verde, picual, served with grained sourdough. I would have this for breakfast any time of day. 
Other snacks include the pungent Roasted peanuts ($5, house made and super addictive and also a date-killer) and Cerignola Olives ($8) preserved in Marjoram, citrus, and fennel.
The Garden dishes were done simply but superbly. I love the charred ruffled Cabbage ($10) with herb cheese, crispy quinoa, chilli oil. It's so comforting really. Yes I get a high from veggies. 
Kale ($14) chips and salad with buttermilk was enjoyable as well. The fried kale chips brought out the umami flavor of the typically leathery leaves but the raw version was great in picking up the light buttermilk sauce. You even get a hint of sweetness with the poached pear and some nutty pecan bits.

Now, on to serious business. The seafood selection is based on seasonal produce and is carefully curated by Executive Chef Polo Seah
Start with the refreshing Hamachi Ceviche ($22) to whet your appetite with the yuzu dressing, cooling radish and a creamy avocado almond mix. 
Moving on to the Cod ($20), a delectable crispy browned skin fatty fish that sits on a smooth and lightly sweetened chestnut purée. This was certainly one of our favorite seafood dish. And that braised leek was so yums! 
The other thing that shouldn't be missed is the sweet Baby Blue Mussels ($18) cooked with pork belly and a konbu stock. I think i finished all the bread from mopping up the sauce. 
I wasn't so much of a fan of the sous vide Rainbow Trout ($16) due to the slightly mushy texture from the cooking but the smoky flavor was on point. 
Well a seafood bar could still do meats i guess but the Chicken Breast ($14) was a tad too salty for us. 
Moving on to desserts. Fernet Panna Cotta ($8), is a bartender's favorite with a minty tone and bitter cocoa and orange. It's an acquired taste i must say but love that curd. 
Valrhona Chocolate Mousse ($8) was rich and smooth and i love how the salt brought out the undernotes of the chocolate. So sinful but so yummy. Oh and so pretty on the reproduced White House plates that Indra and Guoyi found in the States.
I already do see us making repeated visits back to the Humpback. Head on over for their Happy Oyster Hour!

18/20 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089834
Mon - Sat: 5pm - 12am 

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