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Pince & Pints

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Finally Pince & Pints because i have been deterred by the insane queues (so i heard) BUT... Say goodbye to looooooong queues (just long ones) as Pince & Pints look to expand by mid Oct 2015, with another 30 seats added on the second level to their initial 46-seater space at their Duxton outpost. YAY. 
Some news on P&P in a bit but first, here's introducing their latest addition to their menu (currently only 3 lobster dishes), the Truffle Lobster Roll! They have just launched it on 14 Sep 2015 and i must say it is the best lobster roll that i've had in Singapore. 
The Truffle Lobster Roll ($68)  is a new variation of the signature Lobster Roll at Pince & Pints Restaurant and Bar. This roll is done hot, which elevates the aromatic and earthy truffles, as opposed to the regular cold mayonnaise tossed Traditional Lobster Roll ($58). 
To ensure the perfect chunky texture, the lobster is first blanched for 3 to 4 mins before taking an ice bath, then seared in butter and the super-rich housemade truffle sauce. The meat overflows (it's a whole lobster plus the claw afterall) from the buttered and toasted roll (LOVE). To amp it further, the roll is then topped off with truffle caviar and shaved black truffles. ZOMG. Oh and there's stll a side of truffle sauce if that isn't enough for you and it was perfect with the fries. It may sound like truffle overkill but it was enjoyable while it lasts. I could still detect a hint of the sweet lobster under it all. 
If rolls are not your thang, then go for the Live Whole Lobster ($58) served with chef's salad, straight cut fries, herbed butter sauce. The grilled version may be a little dry at some parts though. Of course, there's also the tomato based Chili Lobster ($58) served with fried mantous but i've heard mixed reviews of that one. 
To quench your thirst, you can trust the bartender to fix you a cocktail, regular or omakase style ($20-$80). I asked for sour and refreshing and got a delicious pineapple-passion fruit rum cocktail (which was a tad too sweet for me).
So, news of Pince & Pints, our neighbors over in Malaysia would soon be able to enjoy the same lobsters. Pince & Pints will be opening its flagship outlet in Kualar Lumpur, Malaysia on 9 October 2015. The restaurant will be located at Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar Baru, and will offer the 4 mainstay signature dishes, as well as a Lobster Noodles served in superior broth.
Definitely my favorite lobster roll joint in Singapore. I must say that Pince & Pints reminds me of Burger and Lobster (just more pricey). But yes, will definitely be back when i have a lobster roll craving.

Pince & Pints
32-33 Duxton Road Singapore 089496
Tel: +65 6225 7558
Weekdays: 5 - 11pm
Sat: 12pm - 11pm

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