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Oriole Coffee Bar Singapore

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Oriole Coffee + Bar has been around in the Somerset area for a bit now but it was never a choice cafe for me until recently. With its refreshed food and beverage menu at its Pan Pacific outlet, there are now more choices for my picking!
All day breakfast FTW! I really liked the Humble Baked Egg Skillet ($16), which is a hearty mix of tender and flavorful roasted lamb stew with sweet potatoes, sous vide eggs and Emmental cheese to add on that creamy and stringy texture. They really ought to serve bread with this massive pan.
I highly recommend that you have this to share because it's really quite a huge portion. While i don't see myself having this at 8am in the morning, this is certainly perfect for brunch, or dinner.

The other new all day breakfast dish is the Jumbo Breakfast Burrito ($16). On paper, it sounds perfect with the Spanish chorizo, scrambled eggs, chipotle puree and smoked cheddar. However in reality, the filling tasted more like an Asian fried omelette. With a burrito, you gotta go big or go home and this was kinda lacking in the flavor department. The guacamole looked a little too liquified (and packaged) for my liking.
I enjoyed the Fish Tacos ($20), which had generous pieces of battered snapper paired with avocado and mango salsa, chipotle aioli, and red cabbage slaw. That chipotle sauce had a tinge of curry to it strangely but it really pulled the dish together. Would love for a crispier batter but this will do. For the non-carb version, go for the Fish n Chips, which uses the same battered fish.
I never understood well done meats so i absolutely do not get the Country Fried Steak ($22), which looked like a crispy chicken fillet when it was served. Well well... 100-day dry aged beef or not, this was dry, grainy and powdery, which is not what dry aged is btw. Poor cow died in vain..
The same situation repeated with the Espresso Rubbed Rack of Lamb ($32). I was desperately searching for the pink bits but I failed. Another Australian grass-fed lamb that died in vain. I wouldn't mind having this bittersweet dish if the meat were medium rare and there's more of the buttery and savory carrot puree. 
Oriole Coffee Cake ($14) was my super love. This is a coffee-textured chiffon cake infused with Oriole’s signature house blend coffee. It looked super dry but looks can be so deceiving! This chiffon was super light, fluffy and slightly moist too. Don't go expecting a flowing espresso crème anglaise core though, it's really NOT a lava cake. That said, that espresso sauce was so damn rich and velvety good. LOVE. And HELLO espresso jelly.
Another hit on the list is the Death Cream ($9). This be the death of all hard core yoga sessions but the deliciousness is worth all that calories. Super concoction of vanilla beans, espresso and cream, which came out of a popular 1980s secret coffee recipe. Think of it as a melted coffee ice cream with lots of vanilla bean specks. So DAYUMS good.

Another new drink is the Haute Chocolate ($8), made from single-origin Valrhona Chocolate (66% Cocoa). It has a tinge of sourness which is characteristic of raw cacao. I thought the cold version was quite watered down at the start, but as it warms up, you get more of the flavor. I reckon the hot version should be more intense. You could have this with milk as well.
So another feature at the flagship outlet at the Somerset outfit is the Tasting Bar, where you can learn more about the coffee.  
New options featuring Single Origin Coffee, Kamiro Lot #103 and Buesaco Microlot #1, will also be available. If your date enjoys coffee, this is the place to head to. 
For all the other times that you need a quick perk me up or grab and go, Oriole's takeaway counter will set you up with some pastries or cakes for $5 a pop. I'd definitely grab one of those Pistachio Cake, or Red Velvet cupcake with coconut cream cheese frosting! Along with the Death Cream of course!
So Oriole Coffee + Bar is back and better. Something needs to be done about their service still (it has always been a problem), but i may ignore that for a bit, as long as i have my Death Cream.

Oriole Coffee + Bar, Pan Pacific 
96 Somerset Road, #01-01, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, Singapore 238163 
Tel: +65 6238 8348 
Grab and Go Counter: Daily, 8am to 5pm 
Sun - Thu, PH: 8am - 11pm 
Fri, Sat, Eve of PH: 8am - 12am 

Oriole Coffee + Bar, Capitol Piazza 
13 Stamford Road #02-20/21, Capitol Piazza Neue, Singapore 178905 
Tel: +65 6384 6495 
Daily: 10.30am - 10.30pm 

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