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Raffles Hotel Singapore Festive Dining

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More ideas for Christmas, this time from Raffles Hotel Singapore with their line up of award-winning Raffles Grill, Long Bar Steakhouse, Tiffin Room as well as Bar & Billiard Room. 
Trio of Appetizers here- Gillardeau Oysters with lettuce, fennel bronze and Oscietra caviar from Raffles Grill; Tuna Nicoise from Tiffin Room; Foie gras with artichoke and smoked duck from Long Bar Steakhouse. Fav? The last. The foie gras terrine was very smooth.
From the Raffles Grill Christmas Menu and New Year's Eve Gala Ball, the Oxtail Consomme with scallops, heirloom beet and leek, and black truffle. Loved the light broth with robust flavors of the meat and the extraction of all that meaty sweetness. Plus those plump seared scallops were the best.
Dover Sole with Salsify, Black Mushrooms and Lado di Colonnata, a delicious Italian cured pork lard. Fish was a tad too tough and dry. NEXT.
The Roasted Turkey (available at Tiffin Room, Bar & Billard Room & Long Bar Steakhouse) alongside the classic trimmings such as the Giblet Gravy, pearl onions, peas, diced carrots etc. It's fairly traditional with a bread-y stuffing. I wasn't impressed though, but you must bear in mind that i'm a jaded turkey taster due to the nature of my 'job' and thus..
Raffles Grill's desserts were pretty good though. We had the Chestnut Chantilly with Rum Jelly and a quenelle of Chocolate Sorbet. I'm amazed at how rich and creamy the chocolate was despite it being a sorbet. 

The Raffles Hotel Champagne Log Cake (available at the buffet spread) doesn't look like much, partly due to the copious amount of white cream slathered all over. BUT, i really liked the slightly denser sponge with the semi-hard champagne cream which was almost ice cream like. The plus is that it wasn't too sweet either.

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